How Can I Watch My Pet While At Work?


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Getting a new furry friend is extremely exciting. Not only are they extremely loving, but they are also adorable troublemakers. Pets can get into almost anything. They are clever little beasts and use their brains to outsmart their humans. If you are tired of finding surprises when you return from work, you may be wondering, how can I watch my pet while at work?

You can watch your pet while at work through the use of smart devices such as video cameras. Two popular options are the Wyze and Blink Mini cameras. Each offers many benefits to monitoring your pets.

Thanks to modern technology, people can buy smart cameras and install them in their homes. These cameras allow you to monitor your pet’s activities while away at the office. If you are interested in purchasing one and aren’t sure where to start, we will break down which smart cameras are the most useful in this guide.

Wyze Cameras are Good Cameras for Pet Monitoring

Wyze is a newer brand of smart home cameras that have entered the market.

Their cameras make excellent pet monitors. They boast top-quality security cameras at phenomenal prices. Their entire business model is set up to provide affordable home security options without losing capabilities. 

Wyze cameras have the same functionality as big expensive name-brand cameras. Here is a breakdown of their most significant features:

  • The cameras are only $35.00 a piece.
  • Its design is minimal, but it is still attractive. You do not need to feel like it should be hidden. It is crisp white and black and fits seamlessly into the corner of two walls.
  • The camera is wall mountable. If you do not want to mount it, it can stand up on its own just fine. Its versatility is convenient for all homes.
  • It can tilt to grab a better angle. It tilts up and down, left and right, so that you can capture the best angle for your home.
  • It can shrink down to a small little box for tight spaces.
  • It records in 1080p HD Video.
  • It has night vision.
  • It has a two-way radio. Not only can you talk to your pets, but you can talk to your family too!
  • The app will notify you if it senses or hears an alarm go off in your home. This includes a fire alarm or a carbon monoxide alarm.
  • It can sense motion within your home and notify you with the app. Now you will know where your pet is at all times.

Wyze also makes a robot vacuum, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning up as much fur from your furry friends!

Another top competitor for home security cameras is the Blink Mini

The Blink Mini camera is made by Amazon and is another affordable option for pet parents to buy and install in their homes. 

Here is the breakdown of their top features:

  • Each Blink Mini camera costs only $34.99 per camera. You can also find bundle deals to save money if you are looking to place them throughout your home.
  • The camera records in 1080p HD so that you have clear, quality video.
  • The camera has a 110-degree viewing angle, so it can get wide shots of a room without having to place cameras everywhere.
  • The motion sensor has pixel difference analysis capabilities.
  • It has a reset button in case it freezes.
  • There is a speaker, and the camera has two-way audio functionality so you can speak to your pet and hear your pet ‘bark’ back.
  • Infrared lights are used to provide the camera with quality night vision.

Cameras in Comparison

Both of these cameras are great options for any user. It will mostly be up to personal preference when it comes down to which one is better. 

Wyze is a newer brand and is currently working on creating more smart devices to expand its brand. They are compatible with Google and have an easy-to-use app with a friendly interface. The cost to use their motion detection software is one of the cheapest on the market. If you are looking for the ultimate cost-saving camera with beautiful picture quality, this is the camera for you.

The Blink Mini is a formidable competitor. It has a slightly higher price tag when purchased, but it also has an affordable monitoring plan. Blink is compatible with Alexa and all Amazon products, so if you want to pull up your security footage with a simple ‘Hey Alexa,’ then this may be the right camera for you.

Smart Cameras are a Smart Choice

If you have a new pet that needs constant monitoring, a smart camera is the right choice. Not only do they give you ease of mind, but they also add an extra layer of security to your home. Whether you invest in a Wyze camera or a Blink Mini, either purchase will be worth your while. After all, a secure home is a safe home for both you and your pet.

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