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How Can I Tell What Generation My Kindle Oasis Is?

Last Updated May 13, 2022

The Kindle is a great device created for people to be able to take their books with them anywhere. But, if you’ve had your Kindle for a while, you may have forgotten what kind or generation you have. This can be especially useful when looking for accessories to match your generation. 

There are so many different versions, including the Paperwhite, Fire, and Oasis. Now the versions are going to be the overall type of Kindle, while the generation is going to be the updated type of that one version. Keep reading to learn how to tell what generation Kindle Oasis you have.

How can you Tell What Generation you Have?

When looking at your Kindle, the generation type will be important for many different reasons. It could be because of an accessory you need, to figure out if your Kindle is WiFi compatible, or even how much memory it holds. 

On the Kindle Oasis, you can find out the generation in three different ways: 

  1. The back of the device
  2. Looking on either the Amazon website or app
  3. Inside the Kindle interface 

The following sections will go more into depth on the three different ways to discover your Kindle Oasis’ generation. 

Finding the Generation Through Amazon

The first and easiest way of finding what generation your Kindle Oasis is would be to check the back of the device. If that has rubbed away with time, or you simply cannot locate that, or you don’t want to remove your cover, the next best way is through your mobile app or the Amazon website

Logging onto the Amazon App:

  1. Open up “Your Account”
  2. Select “Manage content and devices”
  3. Locate and click “Devices”
  4. Click the drop-down and choose your Kindle Oasis
  5. At the bottom, you should be able to locate the type, date of device registration, and serial number. 

Going to your Amazon website account:

  1. Find Accounts & List” at the top right of the page (by the search bar) and click on it
  2. Go down to “Your devices and content”
  3. This will take you to the content section where you can click on “Devices
  4. Find your Kindle Oasis among all your devices. 
  5. Click on the three dots (the ellipses) next to your Kindle Oasis
  6. A pop-up will appear that shows you the Kindle model, date, and serial number

Finding the Generation Through the Serial Number

If you don’t have access to your app or the Amazon website, you can also find out what generation or type you have through the serial number. You can find the 16-digit code either on the back of your Kindle Oasis or by going into Setting and then to Device Info

Below is a chart of the different generations of Kindle Oasis and their respective serial numbers. Remember: the generation type is based on the first four characters.

Generation TypeSerial codes
Kindle OasisG0B0GC (WiFi)G0B0GD (3G + WiFi)G0B0GR (3G + WiFi)
Kindle Oasis 2G000P8 (WiFi, 8GB)G000S1 (WiFi + 3G, 32GB)G0000SA (WiFi, 32GB)G00S2 (WiFi + 3G, 32GB)
Kindle Oasis 3G0011L (WiFi, 32GB)G000WQ (WiFi +4G, 32GB)G000WM (WiFi, 32GB)G000WL (WiFi, 8GB)G00WP (WiFi + 4G, 32GB)

Kindle Accessories 

There are many instances where it might be good to know what generation Kindle you have, but the most common is because of different accessories. So, what kinds of accessories can you get for the Kindle Oasis?

There is, of course, the most common which would be having a cover on your Kindle Oasis. Amazon has many different colors and types. Including those with a kickstand and a grip for holding your E-Reader. 

The next accessory that is designed for the different generations of Kindle Oasis are the screen protectors. Screen protectors not only help to make sure that special screen doesn’t crack but that you have anti-glare and anti-fingerprint protection as well. 

Finally, there are even specially designed wireless Bluetooth headphones that are compatible with the Kindle Oasis. These are pretty cool as they allow you to listen to your audiobooks for up to six hours. 

Three Ways to Identify Your Kindle Oasis

In total, there are three different ways to identify what generation your Kindle Oasis is. You can, first of all, look on The second way is to go on the Amazon app. Both the app and the website will have pretty much the same information given. 

The final way is to go to the Kindle Oasis itself. On the back of the Oasis, there is a serial number. If you cannot find that, you can go into the Kindle to the Device Settings. The serial number will be there as well. The serial number will tell you what generation the Kindle Oasis is. 

So, you may want to know what generation your Kindle Oasis is because of cool accessories or because you want to know if it has other capabilities: such as WiFi, storage space, or 3G capabilities. Each Kindle type and generation has its own serial number and identification that allows us to know with just a few steps.

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