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How Can I Play Music on My NordicTrack Bike? 

Last Updated Apr 29, 2022
lady on nordictrack bike

Music can make things much easier when you’re exercising on your NordicTrack bike. Along with making your workout more enjoyable, a strong playlist can also motivate you to work out harder and faster than you would without it. Luckily, the iFit system on NordicTrack is designed with this functionality in mind. 

The NordicTrack bike allows you to adopt your playlists from Spotify and other mp3 players by letting you hook up your CD player, MP3 player, or another personal audio player through a Bluetooth connection. Mainstream music can also be played directly through the iFit system. 

There are ways for you to play music both externally and directly through the NordicTrack system. Read on to learn more about what music is accessible on the NordicTrack bike and how you can listen to it during your next workout. 

Does NordicTrack Play Music?

Even though it can be difficult-to-impossible to play streaming media services like Hulu or Netflix through the NordicTrack bike, that is not the case for music. Users can choose between cycling to the mainstream music choices available through the NordicTrack iFit program, or hooking up their music through a Bluetooth connection. 

Along with allowing users to connect their personal music to the NordicTrack system, iFit also provides eleven mainstream music channels that users can choose from to customize their workout tunes. 

Can You Play Music on the NordicTrack Bike?

A major advantage of the NordicTrack bike system is that you can play your music while simultaneously listening to fitness instructors on the iFit system. It’s a little difficult to play your Spotify tunes on the iFit directly without some modification, however. To play your Spotify music on the NordicTrack, you’ll need to convert your Spotify tunes over to playable MP3 files. 

One way to convert your Spotify music into a playable form for the NordicTrack is to use a converter like TuneIf. This program allows you to turn your streaming audio files into a form that can be read by the NordicTrack software. 

How to Add Music to the NordicTrack

If you’re trying to add streaming music from Apple or Spotify to your NordicTrack bike, you’ll need to convert it into a compatible audio file before playing it on your bike. Once you’ve downloaded the files to an audio player, perform the following: 

  • Plug in your music player. Plug an audio wire into the audio jack in the monitor below the Live Workouts buttons on your NordicTrack bike. Plug the other end of the wire into the jack on your audio player. 
  • Play music. Press Play on your audio player and adjust the volume through the player directly rather than the NordicTrack bike.

Once you’ve downloaded a music file converter, transferring audio files to your NordicTrack’s system should be simple. For those users who don’t want to fool around with outside music sources, there are also options to listen to music directly through the NordicTrack software. 

Does iFit Have Music Channels?

If you don’t want to go through the trouble to connect your music through Spotify or another streaming service to your NordicTrack bike, you always have the choice to use NordicTrack’s built-in music channels. iFit currently comes with eleven music channels: 

  • Pop Throwback
  • Hip Hop Throwback
  • Uptempo Pop Remixes
  • Top 40
  • Pop
  • Dance EDM
  • Classic Rock
  • Rock
  • Country
  • 80s Pop
  • Downtempo Yoga

Using a Built in Music Station

To use a built-in music station on your NordicTrack bike, perform the following: 

  • Start a workout. Before you can access the music stations on the NordicTrack, you’ll need to initiate a manual workout and then pause it. 
  • Access the Settings. From the NordicTrack workout pause screen, select Audio & Music Settings.
    Access music. From the Audio & Music Settings menu, select the Music tab.
    Select music. Toggle the music tab on if it is toggled off, then select the music channel of your choice. 

In many cases, choosing the built-in music channels on your NordicTrack is much faster and easier than trying to set up playlists from a streaming service like Spotify. And the best part is that there are so many musical styles to choose from, you’re sure to find a channel you like!  

How to Control Music Volume on the NordicTrack Bike

Since the NordicTrack bike allows users to listen to music and work through an iFit fitness program at the same time, there are multiple volume mixers available on the bike to help you customize your audio experience. 

The iFit comes with three different volume mixers to help you adjust the volume of your music on the NordicTrack bike: the master volume, the instructor volume, and the music volume. This allows you to make the sound of your music louder than the instructions from your iFit instructor, and vice versa. 

All three of these volume mixers are easily accessed from the pause screen of your NordicTrack workout. 

Music Is a Built-In Feature of the NordicTrack Bike

No matter what kind of music you like to listen to, NordicTrack makes sure you have access to your favorite tunes while you’re working out. 

Since music has been proven to increase motivation during physical exercise, you’ll be able to put some serious pep in your cycling routine whether you listen to your custom playlists or one of NordicTrack’s curated music channels.