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How Bright Is The Eufy Floodlight Camera?

Last Updated Jul 15, 2022
woman installing floodlights

Home security is a very real concern for many people. Keeping your family safe at all times of the day is an utmost priority. Eufy has an extensive line of smart security devices that can be used inside and outside the home. The Eufy Floodlight Camera is a popular pick for outdoor security. But, how bright is the Eufy Floodlight Camera?

The Eufy Floodlight Camera provides 2,500 lumens of light per light bulb. It also provides 5,000K of white temperature. This means that the camera can light up an area of up to 30 feet with ease. The lightbulbs are LED, providing clear, crisp, bright light to the total area.

The Eufy Floodlight Camera has similar lumens in comparison to its competitors. This means you can confidently buy it at a lower competitive price without sacrificing quality. When the Eufy floodlight camera is working, it works well. If it stops working, then you are in a conundrum. Keep reading to learn some troubleshooting tips to get you out of the dark.

Left in the Dark

Technology will sometimes stop working, which can leave consumers annoyed or in the dark in the case of the Eufy Floodlight Camera. The app will not always tell you if there is a diagnostic issue with the Eufy floodlight camera, so you will be left to figure it out yourself. 

Some things that can lead to a dimmed or non-working bulb on the Eufy Floodlight Camera are:

  • Burnt out or broken bulbs
  • The motion sensor is not working properly or blocked
  • Internet connection issues
  • Out-of-date firmware

Continue reading to learn how to work through these tips to get your Eufy Floodlight Camera’s bulbs burning brightly again.

Burnt Out Bulbs

One common reason the Eufy Floodlight Camera will stop working is that the LED lightbulbs have burnt out. Lightbulbs usually last for 100,000 hours or 20 years. This bulb’s life can be shortened due to inclement weather, wind, or wear and tear. This can be rapidly sped up due to a floodlight camera being hung outside. 

Go outside and grab a ladder. Climb on up and take stock of the situation. If one bulb is lighting up and another one is off, this could be a case of a dead bulb. Unfortunately, Eufy does not offer replacement bulbs. You can submit a claim on their website if the camera is under warranty. The company will reach out to you with possible solutions.

Insensitive Sensor

Another issue that can cause the floodlights to malfunction is a sensor issue. The Eufy relies on its sensors to determine whether there is motion in the area. This procs the lights to turn on and the camera to start recording. They can sense movement in both daylights and during the night through night vision. 

If the sensor malfunctions or is blocked, this function will not work. This could result in a lack of light response or movement notifications and recordings. Users usually find this to be the case if they look at their app and notice a typical recording of the user returning home in the evening is gone. 

If the sensor is blocked, removing the object causing the issue is important. Flags, hanging plants, and other home ornaments should be kept away from the light. The light should have a clear path to function. If the sensor is broken, it is recommended that the user contacts Eufy’s customer service line and files a warranty claim.

Connectivity Issues

If the Eufy drops off its network connection or the connection is not at the correct speed, the floodlight will not function properly. This is because the Eufy Floodlight Camera needs a 2.4GHz connection to operate. Any other speed results in the malfunction of the floodlight camera. 

To check this speed, you can go online and log in to your account for your internet provider. You can easily view your internet speeds and package options in your my account options. You can choose which speeds you buy or add speeds you need. If you cannot find this information here, it is best to call customer support to ask.

There are other ways to troubleshoot internet connectivity issues with the Eufy Floodlight Camera.

Beware of Firmware

Firmware assists the computer mechanism within the floodlight camera to help it function and pick up movement sensors. When the firmware is not kept up to date properly, it will affect the computer mechanism of the device. This can cause pauses in camera streams, lag, or the absence of working sensors. 

You must keep updating your firmware for the floodlight camera and its accompanying app. This can occur manually through the app or by selecting to opt into automatic updates. When the software is updated, the lighting will work as it should. If the firmware is not up to date, the lighting will not work, and you will be left in the dark.

Light Up Your Home

The Eufy Floodlight Camera is a great option to secure your home. Its LED lights are key to lighting up dark surroundings and keeping your home safe during the darkest hours of the night. If you are looking to make a purchase, this floodlight camera is a great option. This floodlight camera will be a great asset to your home and security.