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How Are Wyze Cameras So Cheap? (The Real Truth)

Last Updated Jun 14, 2021
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We’ve been conditioned to think that the more expensive something is, the better it must be. This is simply not the case for Wyze Cameras. For less than $40, you can outfit your home, office, or business with the latest security technology. But the question still remains: how are these cameras so efficient, yet so cheap?

Wyze Cameras are so cheap simply because they’re built with affordability in mind. The company was founded by former Amazon employees who wanted to revolutionize the home security industry. Initially, they were going to charge for extra features but instead decided to make them standard.

Wyze Cameras are one of the most cost-effective buys in today’s security camera market. However, there is speculation that soon, Wyze will be bought out by a larger company, and at that point, we could see higher price tags on their products. Continue reading to learn more about Wyze Cameras’ efficiencies and how the company can offer users affordable security solutions.

Why Are Wyze Cameras So Cheap?

Wyze Labs, Inc. is a technology company based out of Seattle. Founded in 2017, the start-up company seeks to disrupt the smart home market with its low-cost yet efficient products. Here are some of the reasons why these cameras are so affordable:

Low-Cost Manufacturing

Like most technology, Wyze Cameras are manufactured in China, which automatically helps cut costs in production. Additionally, while Wyze is looking to disrupt the smart home industry, they’re not looking to reinvent the wheel. All of their products are made with hardware that is standard for their field. It simply doesn’t cost a lot of money to outfit a camera that sends notifications to your phone.

Although this may have been a marvel in the early 2010s, now, that is changing. Low-cost manufacturing costs keep consumer prices low.

Wyze is a Start-Up Company

Wyze is a relatively new player in the smart home field. While their ultimate goal is to expand, right now, they’re trying to establish a customer base. They can do this by making their products affordable, reliable, and easy on the wallet.

Per Wyze’s website, they have moved over 5 million products since its inception nearly six years ago––an impressive feat. Their success is a testament to their products’ durability.

Wyze Prioritizes People Over Profits

Wyze’s director of marketing told this to CNET: “Our team set out to create a product we wanted for our own homes but couldn’t find: A camera we could use for a variety of use-cases that didn’t break the bank. While our margins are thin, we sell a high volume of units. In our first 17 months after the launch of our first product, Wyze Cam, we reached 1 million users.”

When smart home security cameras began trickling into the market, users could expect to pay over $200 just for a basic set-up. Now, that’s changed. Wyze believes that by building brand loyalty, ensuring their products’ success, and offering ever-changing features, they can beat out the competition.

Wyze Makes Money with Paid Subscriptions

Many home security companies sell expensive cameras that come with expensive subscriptions. Wyze does not operate on this model. While the company does offer a paid subscription, you can unlock an array of benefits for about $2 a month. This is pretty good, considering that some of Ring’s subscriptions begin at $10.

Wyze intends to increase its profit margins by offering more features to subscribers. However, the company’s not exactly at that point yet. With their hardware and paid subscriptions, you could set up your new security system for less than $40.

Wyze Offers Basic Features

Wyze’s starter cameras are intended to be your introduction into the smart home security world. The idea behind their marketing is that you’ll start with a simple $20 camera, be satisfied, and continue investing in their line of products.

Wyze comes with basic features. While it pairs with your Google Home assistant and Alexa, it does not work with Siri or HomeKit. It also falls short when it comes to offering keypad locks and other related features. But Wyze works. If you’re looking for an inexpensive solution to monitor your premises, view suspicious activity, and protect your family, Wyze’s cameras meet those needs.

Final Thoughts

If something seems too good to be true, it generally is. However, that’s not the case with Wyze Cameras. By manufacturing its products overseas, prioritizing user satisfaction, and offering paid subscriptions, Wyze ensures its cameras remain very much affordable.

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