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Countless TVs are being produced recently, and it is hard deciding if you should get one made by Hisense. It isn’t amongst the luxury brands like LG, Samsung, or Sony but they have a reputation for being high quality with high technological components too. So how long can a Hisense TV last?

On average, Hisense TVs have a really good life span which can mimic the lifespan of luxury TV brands which can be bought in stores. How long a Hisense TV lasts depends entirely on how the customer uses and maintains the product.

The Brand does not have the same loyalty as most competitors but with its specifications, it is still comparable to some of these brands. In this article, we would be talking about the average lifespan of a reputable TV, and why the Hisense Brand is very affordable. 

How Many Years Will My TV Last?

It’s important to know how many years your TV will last so you can start planning on how to replace it when it breaks down. With time, the backlight of your TV may fade because it might be burnt out for prolonged use. So how many years does an average TV last?

According to TV manufacturers, an average Television has a lifespan of 4 years (40,000 hours) to 10 years (100,000 hours), and this depends on how it’s being used/maintained. Newer Televisions have an average lifespan of 7 years before you start noticing any sign of deterioration.

This time frame is a result of countless factors such as environment, location, and even brand. For example, Sony, Samsung, or LG Brands would last longer because they are produced with high-end components. Although average, or less well-known brands can still have a long life expectancy, this would be longer than the best TV warranty there is. 

If you would like to learn more about Hisense, take a look at this article.

What Is The Longest Lasting TV Brand?

Durability is a factor you need when choosing the right Television or replacing the one in your home. Some brands focus on this durability hence creating a device that would serve its purpose for an extended time compared to other brands. So what are the TV brands that last the longest?

No brand lasts longer than the other because they all have different models and product lines where one model may outlast the other. With that said, we would narrow it down to four brands that last the most; Sony, Samsung, LG, and Panasonic.

A brand may manufacture a model with the longest lifespan but due to low sales, they may decide to reduce the cost of production for the next model. This may be done by changing high-end internal components for a cheaper type to save cost production. 

The next model, instead of lasting more than 10 years, may decide to last just 6 years all thanks to the cheap internal component. So there’s no crowning of the longest-lasting brand. 

Why is Hisense So Cheap?

Hisense TVs are considered cheap because they give the user an experience that overwhelms the actual price of the Television. This simply means that you can get features like 4K, or simply a smart interface at a cheaper rate compared to other brands out there. But that is not the only reason why they are cheap.

The main reason why Hisense is so cheap is that it is being produced in China. Most Chinese manufacturers are good when it comes to creating underlying hardware, and most TVs rely on underlying tech. Their manufacturing process is refined so producing high-quality products requires minimal costs.

This leads to a cheaper market price too. Where the brand may fall behind is with the software or image processing. For a higher quality feel, image processing algorithms play a very big role but most Chinese manufacturers do not focus on this aspect. 

Can Hisense TV be Repaired?

When getting a Smart TV, the ability for that product to be repaired easily when something goes wrong with the internal system is very crucial. Hisense is a perfect brand to purchase especially if you are on a budget, but does the cheaper price mean it is harder to, or can’t be repaired?

When you purchase a new Hisense TV, the company gives you a warranty for some time depending on the product. This means that if anything happens to the Television within the warranty period, it can be sent back to Hisense to be repaired. After repairs, Hisense would send it back to you.

Apart from the fact that your warranty may cover the repair cost, what about if your device gets bad after the warranty period? Well, your Hisense TV can be given to a professional Engineer so it can be repaired without any issues.


Hisense is known to be a budget-friendly brand, and it offers premium TV features at a much lower price when compared to other brands. They are reliable enough to be used for a long period but they also need to be maintained at all costs. If you have a thing for caring about TVs, you can make it last. If you plan on getting one, you might be doing good to yourself by saving money.

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