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Govee Lights Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

Last Updated Dec 26, 2022
Vertical LED light strips

Govee lights are the latest craze in home lighting technology. They are revolutionary in their ability to connect to Wi-Fi, allowing you to control them through an app on your phone or tablet.  But, what if your Govee lights won’t connect to Wi-Fi?

There are three major reasons why Govee Lights won’t connect to Wi-Fi:

  • The lights are too far away from your router
  • Your router is too old
  • The lights need to be reset

Below, we’ll discuss some helpful tips and tricks to ensure you can connect your Govee lights to Wi-Fi. Keep reading to learn how to get your Govee lights up and running!

Why Won’t My Govee Lights Connect to Wi-Fi?

Govee lights offer a convenient way to light up your home. They can be controlled remotely with your phone, tablet, or even through voice commands.

However, connecting your Govee lights to Wi-Fi can sometimes be tricky. 

There are a few reasons why your lights might not be connecting to your network. These include:

  • The lights are too far away from the router.
  • Your router is too old to support Govee lights.
  • The lights need to be reset.

The good news is, with a few simple troubleshooting steps, you can get your Govee lights connected to your network in no time.

The Lights Are Too Far Away from the Router

If your Govee Lights are not connecting properly, the first thing to check is the Wi-Fi signal in the room you’re in.

Govee lights must be close to the router to ensure a strong wireless connection. Go to the room your lights are in and check your phone or tablet to see how many Wi-Fi bars you have. If you have anything less than a full Wi-Fi connection, try moving your lights or router so the two are closer together.

Your Router is Too Old to Support Govee Lights

If you’re using an older router, it may not be compatible with Govee lights.

If this is the case, you may need to upgrade your router to a newer model before you can connect your lights.

 The Lights Need to be Reset

If you still cannot get your Govee lights to connect to Wi-Fi, try resetting them.

Just follow these simple steps to do so:

  • Press and hold the power button on your lights for approximately five seconds.
  • Wait for the lights to turn back on.
  • Follow the instructions on the Govee Home app to reconnect the lights and set them up like new.

Resetting your lights will clear any temporary glitches, hopefully allowing you to connect them to Wi-Fi.

Troubleshooting Govee Lights Wi-Fi Connection

 Still having trouble connecting your Govee lights to Wi-Fi? Luckily, there are a few troubleshooting methods you can attempt.

  • Ensure your smartphone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network you’re trying to connect the lights to.
  • Check that your Wi-Fi network is functioning properly. Ensure all the router’s lights are on and other devices can communicate with it.
  • Restart your router. This often solves minor connectivity issues.
  • Check your smartphone’s app store to ensure the Govee Home app is up-to-date.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, you may need to contact Govee customer support for further assistance.

How to Connect Govee Lights to Wi-Fi

Govee lights are a perfect way to create a vibrant atmosphere, whether at home or in the office!

And now, with the power of Wi-Fi, you can control them from anywhere in your home.

Connecting Govee lights to Wi-Fi is easy to do. All you need is your smartphone, Govee lights, and a Wi-Fi connection.

Follow the simple steps below to connect your Govee lights to Wi-Fi:

  • Download the Govee Home app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Open the Govee Home app and create an account, or log into an existing account.
  • Connect your phone to the same Wi-Fi network as your Govee lights.
  • Tap Add Device” in the app and select “Wi-Fi” as the connection type.
  • Scan for available devices, then select your Govee lights when they appear.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

Once you’re connected, you can control and customize your Govee lights directly from the app! 

You can even create a group of lights to control simultaneously, or use music mode to allow the lights to change color according to the rhythm of music.

In Conclusion

If you encounter problems when connecting Govee lights to your Wi-Fi, try moving the router or lights so they are closer to each other.

If that doesn’t work, try resetting your lights or upgrading to a newer, more compatible router.

With the methods outlined above, you can successfully connect your lights to Wi-Fi.