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Google Wi-Fi vs. Google Nest Wi-Fi

Last Updated Apr 24, 2022
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You’re looking into upgrading your old Wi-Fi to a Google Wi-Fi, but you do not know if you want to stick with Google Wi-Fi or pay the extra money for Nest Wi-Fi. Google Wi-Fi offers better Wi-Fi coverage than its competitors for a better price. On the other hand, Google Nest Wi-Fi is more expensive than Google Wi-Fi, but it does have better features and have different add-ons.

Here is a comparison between the two Wi-Fi devices:

Google Wi-FiGoogle Nest Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi CoverageUp to 1500 sq ftUp to 2200 sq feet
Wi-Fi ConnectivityAC1200 per pointAC2200 per router
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These two Google Wi-Fi systems are both good, but the price, performance, and specs can persuade you into purchasing one over the other. Keep reading to understand the different add-ons and features that each one offers and to help you choose the perfect Google Wi-Fi for you.

The Difference Between Google Wi-Fi & Google Nest Wi-Fi

Regardless if you choose to purchase Google Wi-Fi or Google Nest Wi-Fi, you will still be purchasing a good quality Wi-Fi system. 

Here is another comparison between the two systems and how they differ:

Google Wi-FiGoogle Nest Wi-Fi
Number of DevicesUp to 100Up to 100
PerformanceMultiple simultaneous 4k video streamingMultiple simultaneous 4k video streaming
Max SpeedUp to 1.2 GbpsUp to 2.2 Gbps
ColorsSnowSnow, mist, or sand

Now, let’s get more into detail on what you can do with Google Wi-Fi versus Google Nest Wi-Fi.

Google Wi-Fi

If you are looking into purchasing the Google Wi-Fi, Google offers two options on their website. You can buy the router alone for $99 or you can purchase the 3 pack that comes with 1 router and 2 Google Points for $199.99. 

Inside of the 3 pack bundle, one of the devices will act as a router that is connected to the model while the other 2 will act as Google Points to help increase your Wi-Fi coverage and internet speed within your household. 

One advantage to the Google Wi-Fi is that the 2 Google Points that come in the bundle still have ethernet connectors whereas the Google Points that come with the Google Nest Wi-Fi does not. This can be a big advantage for some people because they can plug in devices, such as a PC or console, directly into the Google Point allowing those devices to obtain Wi-Fi.

Google Nest Wi-Fi

The Google Nest Wi-Fi is the newest mesh Wi-Fi edition that Google is selling with a new modern and rounder design that comes with 3 different colors. 

Google offers a few deals for the Google Nest Wi-Fi:

Router + 1 Point$269
Router + 2 Points$349
Add- on Point$149

The Google Nest Wi-Fi also has newer technology allowing it to perform better with multiple devices than the Google Wi-Fi. Another new part to the Google Nest Wi-Fi that the Google Wi-Fi lacks is a built in speaker. This built in speaker allows you to listen to music and podcasts and  gives you access to Google Assistant.

Google Point Add-On 

A Google Point is a satellite that you can purchase with your Google Wi-Fi or Google Nest Wi-Fi as an add-on. This will help extend your Wi-Fi connection throughout your home to cover any of the “dead spots”, locations in your house that do not get good Wi-Fi connection because it is not in range of the router, and improve your connection to your devices.

Here is another table of the performance of both the Google Wi-Fi and the Google Nest Wi-Fi with the Google Point added:

Google Wi-Fi with Multiple PointsGoogle Nest Wi-Fi with 1 or more Points
Max Coverage with Google Point(s)3 Points: up to 4500 sq ft2 Points: up to 3000 sq ft2 Points: up to 5400 sq ft1 Point: up to 3800 sq ft
Max Speed with Google Point(s)Up to 1.2 Gbps per PointUp to 1.2 Gbps per Point

A great advantage to this is that you can add-on as many of the Google Points you want depending on how large your home is.

Is It Worth Upgrading Google Wi-Fi to Google Nest Wi-Fi?

Now that you know a little more about the differences between Google Wi-Fi and Google Nest Wi-Fi, you may be wondering, is upgrading to Google Nest Wi-Fi worth the money if you already own Google Wi-Fi? 

It would be worth the money if you are moving to a bigger home or there are more devices being connected to Google Wi-Fi. Since Google Nest Wi-Fi does have newer technology built into it, the more devices being connected will not hinder its performance. 

Google allows forward and backward compatibility with its Wi-Fi systems so it will be easy to set up again if you do decide to upgrade your Wi-Fi

Conclusion: Is Google Wi-Fi or Google Nest Wi-Fi Better?

The truth is, the Google Wi-Fi and the Google Nest Wi-Fi are both good devices to use as your source of Wi-Fi. They both have good and reliable built-in technology that will give you high speed internet connection, good coverage around your home, and offer additional add-ons to help increase your Wi-Fi coverage. 

As a general rule, determine how many devices need internet connection and the square footage of your house. This will help in choosing which Wi-Fi is perfect for you.

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