When Siri, Apple’s AI-powered digital assistant, was introduced in 2011, we all thought it was one of those techy-gimmicks introduced by the tech giant to get more money out of our pockets. However, over the years, Siri has gone on to become more of a personal assistant than the standard voice search we thought it would be.

Siri can now help us get directions, find a favorite pizza spot, organize our schedule, and much more. If you are an Apple user seeking to improve your productivity level while working from home or to get back more time for you and your family, then this article is for you. Here, you will learn several ways Siri can help you work more efficiently at home.

Set Reminders

Working from or at home can be a daunting task. Most of the time, we forget to check our to-do lists or notes regarding upcoming activities. From reminders about an upcoming video meeting to submitting a document by a specific time, Siri can help you get your tasks in motion. It’s as easy as saying, “Hey Siri, remind me to call George by 3 pm.”

Take Notes with Ease

Most of the time, ideas come out of the blue, and if you are not close to your notebook or too busy to write it down, you may end up forgetting. But with Siri, you are practically covered. If you make use of mobile notes, Siri will automatically open and create a new note for you to draft your ideas.  

You can say, “Hey Siri, create a new note that says the marketing plan should be updated…” and she’ll take care of the rest. This is a vital tool if you do not want to be distracted on your current project but need to write down a sudden idea for future evaluation.

Organize Meetings

With a more conscious effort to allow employees to work from home or across the country, millions of businesses have adopted online meeting platforms like Zoom as their go-to conference room. With Siri, you can set the meeting for a specific day and time and send a quick meeting invitation to your contacts.

You can say, “Siri, add a meeting for Monday at 5 pm and send an invitation to Trae, Benny, and Sam. If they are on your phone’s contact list, Siri will send a short message with the meeting details to them. You won’t even need to send an email, text, or make a phone call.

Find Out International Information & Time Zones

If you work online as a freelancer or consultant, chances are you will have clients from other international countries with different time zones and currencies. Want to find out the time in Berlin? Ask Siri. Want to know the exchange rate of the Yuan to the US dollar? Siri can help answer that, too.  

If you’re in the middle of creating a report or some other important task, it is much easier to have your AI-powered personal assistant to research for you, and you get answers immediately, so no extensive Google search is necessary.

Answer Questions by Searching the Web

Speaking of search, you can use Siri to surf the web and get direct answers to other queries. Although this can be tricky if not done correctly, Siri can search for answers on Google and other popular search engines.

Just say, “Siri, Google the best smart cameras on Amazon.” Sometimes, Siri may not need to search on Google to bring up results; it may simply show you related information that can also be useful.

Send and Check Emails

Sometimes you may be juggling between tasks, or you may have your hand filled with items. This is when Siri comes in handy. You can use the voice prompt to request that Siri brings up your last emails or text messages. By saying, “Siri, check email,” it will bring up your recent emails and read it out at your request.

Also, you can request that Siri reply or send a message on your behalf. Doing this requires that you use specific keywords like “send,” “about,” and “say.” So to send a message to your friend, you’d say, “Send an email to Sandra Johnson about scheduling next week’s meeting and say I will be available this Friday by 1 pm.”

Get More “Me” Time

In conclusion, Siri, just like any form of smart technology, helps users save time and do more with less physical input. With the ability to get work done 5x faster using Siri, you are sure to find more time to relax, refocus, enjoy beautiful moments with your friends and family, and create space for other important activities.

With Siri, you can get your reminders in motion, text, or call friends without scrolling through your contacts, set or change appointments, and search for information that would have required you tapping or clicking through pages and menus. While working with Siri may seem difficult if you’re using it for the first time, it will indeed offer you more benefits in terms of increased productivity.

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