Furbo 360° Dog Camera Review

furbo dog camera 360furbo dog camera 360
Fewer blind spots with 360-degree vision and color night vision
Fantastic video quality
Precision pet tracking
Simple to set up and use
More expensive than competitive dog/nanny cams
Subscription is required for most smart features
Treat options to use with the dispenser are limited
Notifications can be a little delayed and excessive

The new Furbo 360 Dog Camera takes a departure from the original, in that it now offers a 360-degree view that maximizes how much the device can monitor and detect while you’re away–but is it worth the higher price tag? Read on to find out!

Specs and Features

5.24 x 4.92 x 9.17 inches
2.57 pounds
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furbo dog camera specs

The Furbo camera comes with a Quick Start guide, 1.8-meter USB-C, and a compatible wall plug adapter. Set up is easy, so it doesn’t take long to start using the device after unboxing. 

What We Like

There are several features that we appreciated in the new Furbo Dog Camera that may be hard to come by in similar devices: 

Simple to Set Up and Use

Setting up the Furbo camera itself was just a matter of plugging the device in and downloading the Furbo app to continue the process. In the app, you only need to connect the camera to your home’s Wi-Fi network and download the latest firmware to get started. 

This extremely simple process made it easy to start using the camera right out of the box, and the simplicity didn’t stop there. The app itself is fairly straightforward and easy to navigate, and access to the Live View, notifications, and recorded activity was available from the main dashboard. 

Amazing Camera Quality

There’s no denying that the Furbo 360 Camera’s quality is top-notch. The recorded videos were crystal clear, and even the night vision view had crisp videos in a low to no-light setting. 

The Live View maintained the same quality, even as you zoomed in and out, and while there was some lag in the feed, it was only off by a second or two at most, so not enough to take away from the overall experience. 

Of course, this wouldn’t be a full review of the new Furbo 360 camera if we didn’t talk about its 360-degree view! Its wide lens and 270-degree rotation allow it to cover a lot of ground, so there are virtually little to no blind spots with the device. While the camera doesn’t necessarily move up and down, it can still see quite a bit, so unless your dog is a very impressive climber, this shouldn’t pose an issue. 

Spot-On Pet Tracking

The tracking on the Furbo 360 Dog Camera is incredible–so much so that the device can easily distinguish between animals and humans, and with the Furbo Dog Nanny subscription, you can receive notifications when there is pet (or human) activity. The device can also detect when your dog is looking right at the camera, chewing, running, and more so you can be notified anytime your dog is active. 

However, one thing worth mentioning here is that the camera doesn’t do well with differentiating animals; in a household with multiple pets, the camera would usually register a passing cat as the dog. In the app, there does seem to be an ability to set up multiple profiles for other pets (which suggests that maybe the camera can at least differentiate between two or three dogs). But, this function didn’t work very well for us when it came to the cats. 

Overall, though, there is a lot of potential with the camera’s pet tracking, so we’re excited to see what future updates bring to this feature. 

What We Didn’t Like

Although there are winning qualities in the new Furbo camera, there are a few things that we weren’t a fan of: 

Scheduling Options Not Intuitive

With the Furbo Dog Nanny subscription, you can adjust the schedule for when the camera is on or off. This allows users to leave the camera on while they’re away so they can receive notifications of dog activity or barking, or off while they’re home so they can avoid notifications. 

However, this feature didn’t seem to work very well for us. Despite updating the schedule so that the camera was off while we were home, we kept receiving a lot of notifications about dog and human activity, as if the camera was still on. Ultimately, we still had to manually turn the camera off within the app (from the Live View screen), even with the schedule still in use. 

Treat Options Are Limited

The treat dispenser is built into the camera, and due to its size, users can only use dog treats of a specific size and shape to maximize performance. With that said, your options for treats are a bit limited; while the Furbo app offers a list of treats that work best with the device, the list is pretty short, so you’re stuck hoping that your dog does like the treats you end up going with, whether you use one of the recommended options or not. 

For the purposes of this review, we ended up using Blue Wilderness Wild Bits. They were a decent size for the Furbo camera, and though they were more square than round, the device still dispensed them okay, though they weren’t delivered as far out from the device as we’d hoped they would be. 

High Price Tag

The Furbo 360 Dog Camera had an introductory price of $168 on sites like Amazon, but its base retail price is a whopping $210, much higher than similar cameras in the market.

On top of that, if you want to use any of the real-time alerts from motion or barking detection, save recordings, or receive highlights from your dog’s day, you’ll need to pay up an additional $6.99/month for Furbo’s Dog Nanny subscription. Otherwise, you’d only be able to use the device for its basic Live View and treat dispensing features.

But, despite the high price tag, Furbo is one of the leading brands in dog cameras, so there is some justification for opting for their newest product–even if that means paying a bit more. 

Note: The Furbo 360-View Camera is expected to go on sale for Amazon Prime Day 2022, so if you are a Prime subscriber, you may be able to snag the device at a lower cost during the sale.

Final Thoughts

If you own larger dogs or find your furry friend roaming more often than not, then the Furbo 360 Dog Camera is perfect for you. It’s excellent video quality–during the day or night–and wide range eliminates any blind spots you would get with any other camera. Its pet detector is also highly useful and easily allows owners to keep track of their pets while they’re away. 

However, if you don’t fall into this category or already own a smart camera with motion detection (be it a dog nanny cam or not), you’re well off sticking with what you have. While the Furbo 360 does offer some improvements from the original device, they are minor, and may not be worth the $210–considering you can find similar features with other low-cost smart cameras. 

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