Fixing the ADT Pulse App (Login Failure)

Women pressing the screen on her smart phone.Women pressing the screen on her smart phone.

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ADT’s newest Command and Control installation technology and the accompanying ADT Control app are thought to have rendered Pulse obsolete. But, like many ADT setups, Pulse still has millions of customers and isn’t going away anytime soon. However, though it’s the older of the two versions, Pulse is still prone to certain issues, such as not allowing users to log in.

You may encounter login failure with the ADT Pulse app due to poor internet connectivity or compatibility or firmware issues. To resolve the problem, try checking your internet connection and whether you have the latest version of the app.

Like Command and Control, the ADT Pulse setup includes the app, a bridge/hub, and a touchscreen—in most models—control panel. It operates in much the same way as its successor, with a lot of control shifted over to your smartphone for home security options on the move. So what do you do when it’s not working properly or letting you log in? Read on for a few troubleshooting steps you can try.

Check Your Internet Connection

Sure, it’s the most obvious thing, but it’s always important to work through a process of elimination to fix an app that seems to be malfunctioning. The first thing you’ll want to check is whether or not your phone is connected to your cellular network or Wi-Fi.

The Pulse app requires a network connection for you to have control over your ADT Pulse system. If you’re out of range from a cellular network, your Pulse app will have no functionality. If your Wi-Fi is down, you’ll get the same result.

There are some troubleshooting checks that you should immediately go through if you’re having trouble with the Pulse app:

  • Check your internet connection, whether it’s cellular or Wi-Fi, and turn both off for a short period before turning them back on.
  • Check to make sure your Pulse app permissions are on.
  • See if you can access other internet-related apps or whether or not you can browse the web.

Just because you can clearly see that you have an internet connection at the top of your smartphone’s home screen doesn’t mean it’s there. Sometimes it takes a smartphone a moment to accurately reflect network coverage.

In cases where the Wi-Fi is the primary culprit, the most effective solution is to reboot the router by unplugging the power supply for 2 to 5 minutes before booting it back up.

Check for Firmware Updates and Compatibility Issues

Nothing is more aggravating than automatic firmware updates to equipment while you’ve neglected to upgrade the firmware on your own smartphone. This is especially troublesome for those who like to jailbreak their devices and avoid firmware upgrades like the plague.

If you’re using an ADT Pulse system, it’s important to keep your phone’s firmware updated. It can cause many compatibility issues between the Pulse app and your control over your ADT system. If you’re a fan of jailbreaking, you should use a separate device for that because eventually, ADT Pulse firmware is going to outpace your smartphone’s firmware.

Firmware isn’t the only potential compatibility issue. ADT Pulse has been around since 2010. If you own a smartphone that old, you’re likely to start—if you haven’t already—running into compatibility problems with a slow phone attempting to match the latest software. It may be time to ditch the Samsung Galaxy S3 or iPhone 4 in favor of something a little more modern.

Check Your Smartphone’s Permissions

You would also be surprised at how often a firmware update will come across, and your Pulse app will lack the appropriate permissions. This is especially true in iPhones, where Apple is pretty proactive at not allowing apps to have absolute freedom within the iPhone’s architecture.

To check/fix it, scan through your settings to find the Pulse app, open it, and make sure the appropriate permissions are allowed so that you can have full access and functionality with the Pulse app.

How to Access ADT Pulse If You Can’t Log into the App

The Pulse app isn’t your only option when it comes to accessing your ADT Pulse system. You can also access it—and actually control more features—by going online to

While not ideal for controlling your system on the go, it can get you through if the Pulse app is on a brief hiatus. You also have a far more intuitive and complex level of feature control by accessing Pulse on the web rather than the app.

If you’re having problems with the app that can’t be fixed with the above troubleshooting tips, you still have a mode of control until you can contact an ADT representative/tech and get the app problem resolved. Odds are, if there is a problem with the app and not your own equipment, then it’s a problem for every single Pulse app user in the country. Issues with the Pulse app don’t begin and end with your smartphone.

Final Thoughts

Issues with the ADT Pulse app will usually turn out to be associated with your internet or firmware compatibility on your smartphone. To minimize these problems, proper maintenance on your Pulse equipment extends to your router and smartphone.

So long as you keep things up to date, have a reliable ISP, and properly maintain your own hardware, the Pulse app should rarely give you an issue. If it does, it’s far more likely to be on ADT’s end and should be resolved quickly.

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