Fire Cube TV Won’t Connect To WiFi—Troubleshooting Tips


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So you’ve got the Amazon Fire TV Cube, which they say is the newest device on the market but unfortunately, you’ve been trying to connect it to WiFi and it has refused to connect. While that’s a big problem, there are some problem-solving techniques to consider.

Here are some troubleshooting tips for your Fire Cube TV:

  1. Try a hard reset: You can do this by turning off the Fire TV Cube, unplugging it and plugging it back into the socket after two minutes. When the device is back on, try to reconnect.
  2. Check the status of your Fire TV cube’s network connection: Select Network Settings from the Settings menu. To check the network status, look for the network you’d like to connect to  and use the “Play/ Pause” button on the remote control to see the network status. 
  3. Forget the Wi-Fi connection and try again: Forgetting the wifi connection and reconnecting can fix any connection issues that are stopping it from pairing. 

Besides WiFi connectivity, other issues can occur with your Fire TV Cube. Keep reading to find out tips to fix those as well. 

Troubleshooting Tips  for Resolving Other Fire TV Cube Common Issues.

Many different issues can be the case. For the most common ones, here are some tips to help you out. 

If Your Fire TV Cube Is Stationary, Not Rotating, or Is Not Showing a Signal

This could be due to a problem with connection of power cables like the AC adapter or HDMI cable. Also, make sure the TV is powered on and the channel is set to the HDMI port which the Fire TV Cube is connected to. 

If all that is in place and the power cord is working and the channel is set correctly, disconnect and reattach the power cord. 

Lastly, it might be the adapter. If the adapter is connected but the light is turned off, then it is most likely faulty. You would have to replace it. You can find a new one here.

To Reboot Your Fire TV Cube

You can reboot your Fire TV Cube by following these steps:

  1. Holding down both the “Select” and “Play / Pause” buttons at the same time for at least five to ten seconds. 
  2. Alternatively, other settings can be used. 
  3. Select My Fire TV from the drop-down menu. 
  4. In the Fire TV menu, select Refresh/Reboot. 

Now, let’s look at if the voice instructions aren’t working.

If the Voice Instructions Aren’t Working

When this happens,  Bluetooth devices or background sound settings may be disabled. Ensure that the Fire TV is a minimum of one foot away from the cubic speaker before turning it on. 

Remove any other devices connected to Alexa from the room and speak to the device  with as little background noise as possible. If this doesn’t seem to work, say “I can’t hear you”. Alexa will then route a response to Fire TV Cube instead of the TV or sound bar.  

Is Your Fire TV Cube Remote Disconnected?

Examine the battery. Check to verify whether they are still working on other devices to ensure that they are functional or dead.  If the batteries are dead, replace them with new ones by using a battery replacement guide found online.

Alternatively, follow these steps to reconnect the remote control: 

  1. Press the home key for at least ten seconds. It takes about a minute to connect the remote control to the cube. Remove the AC adapter from the Fire TV if this doesn’t work.
  2. Reset the “home”, “backward” and “left” buttons on the remote control by closing the Fire TV cube for about 25 seconds each time.
  3. Remove the remote control battery and connect the cube. Make sure the home screen is on. Wait two minutes after inserting the battery into the remote control.

If you’d like to learn more about Fire Cube TV, check out this article. Now, let’s look at when your switch on your Fire TV Cube isn’t working.

Does the Switch on the Fire TV Cube Not Work?

It’s time to restart the Fire TV Cube: 

  1. Disconnect the power cord from the cube or electrical outlet. 
  2. Reconnect after a while. 
  3. Press the “Select” and “Play / Stop” buttons for five seconds to continue working with the remote control. 
  4. From the Fire TV menu, click Settings.
  5. Click My Fire TV.
  6. Click Restart.

Now, let’s look at if your Fire TV Cube is having problems with its wirings.

Is Your Fire TV Cube Having Problems With Wiring or Adapter?

Here’s how to check your Fire TV Cube wiring:

  1. Be sure to use a Fire TV booth, which includes an electrical cable and adapter. 
  2. Connect the AC adapter to the back of the socket and then connect the cable to the socket. Adapters and/or cables may need to be replaced to resolve the issue. 
  3. Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI Fire TV Cubes port.
  4. On the other end, connect the HDMI port to the TV. 
  5. Disconnect the TV cube from the HDMI hub before connecting it directly to the TV if you are using it. You can also try changing the HDMI port on the TV. 

If this does not work, try using a high speed HDMI cable with a “1.3” or “1.4” signal.


The problems that happen with the Fire TV Cube can be tricky to troubleshoot but not impossible or even that difficult. We hope this article helps you solve your problems as much as possible.

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