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Fire Cube TV Vs. Roku

Last Updated Nov 18, 2021
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Fire Cube TV and Roku are two of the frontrunners when it comes to streaming devices.  Both are full of features that are both user-friendly and economical.  While both are similar, some differences tend to set them apart. 

Fire Cube TV and Roku are very similar when it comes to features as well as cost.  When choosing the best option, you will need to weigh out your expectations to make a choice.

In this article, you will learn about how Fire Cube TV and Roku compare to one the other. You’ll learn the differences, and find out which one better suits your needs. 

Fire Cube TV or Roku?

When determining which streaming device is best for you and your family, you may find all of the options overwhelming.  If you are torn between Fire Cube TV or Roku, there are some things you will want to consider before purchasing. 

Platform:  If your home heavily uses Amazon products and android devices, you may feel more comfortable using Fire Cube TV.  Not because it is the best option, but because it will be most comfortable and user-friendly since you are familiar with the android system. 

If you don’t have a preference for the operating system and feel confident in learning something a bit new, then Roku would likely serve you well.  The Roku operates from its platform,  which means you may need to familiarize yourself with the apps and features. 

Cost: Whenever you purchase an item for your home, the price involved likely becomes a factor.  While Roku is less expensive than Fire Cube TV, the price difference is not significant.  You can purchase a Fire Cube for approximately $120, while a Roku streaming device costs around $100.  The cost difference is not significant, but if you are trying to save a little money, it could be helpful. 

Features:  Both the Roku and Fire Cube have similar features, but some differences should be noted. 

  • Voice command:  Both options operate with both remote and voice commands.  The Fire Cube will work with voice commands even when the tv is off. However, the Roku voice command will only work through the tv, so it cannot be used when the tv is off. 
  • Lost remote finder: Only the Roku offers the option of finding your lost remote. If you are notorious for misplacing the remote, this may be a perfect feature for you. 
  • Headphone Connection:  If you are a night owl and plan to watch tv while everyone else is asleep, the Roku is outfitted with a headphone jack in the remote.  Fire Cube TV does not offer any headphone options. 

Device Options: You will likely notice many different options and models of Roku streaming sticks or boxes.  This allows you to choose the best item for your family’s needs and the space you are using the device in. 

Fire Cube TV is fairly new to the market, which means there are not many different options to choose from.  Each Fire Cube TV comes with a standard 3X3 cube device that sits near your television.  If you like options, the best bet would be to check out Roku. 

Set-Up:  Both Amazon and Roku pride themselves on the near-seamless setup provided in their product.  Both are plug-and-play options. Once you have followed the step-by-step on-screen prompts, you will be able to stream your favorite shows. 

The only caveat when it comes to setup involves the age of your TV.  Most modern television sets have HDMI capability, which means the device can be easily connected to your tv. If you have an older tv, you will likely not be able to use an HDMI cable to connect the Fire Cube TV device, as there are no adaptors available. 

If you have an older TV model, you can purchase the appropriate connections for the tv, which will allow you to connect the streaming device with ease.  If your tv doesn’t have HDMI compatibility, you will likely be unable to use FIre Cube tv. 

(Source: CNET)

Are These the Best Options

When looking at streaming devices, you will notice many different options with a wide range of prices. While Roku and Fire Cube TV is different, they match up very well in most areas.  They are not the most or least expensive options, but they are quality middle-of-the-road products. 

You will likely be pleased with your purchase of either and will be able to enjoy either option for many years to come.  The good thing about these options is that you won’t need to break the bank to enjoy a quality streaming device. 

Final Thoughts

Both Fire Cube TV and Roku are solid streaming device options.  If you are looking to split hairs with the comparison, you may find Fire Cube TV a better option for modern TVs and usability, especially if you are an avid Android user.  However, if you have an older model tv, and don’t bother with operating systems, Then Roku will likely be a better option. No matter which you choose, you can’t go wrong. 

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