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Fire Cube TV Vs. Apple TV

Last Updated Oct 13, 2022
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Amazon released Fire Cube TV in 2019, and since that time, it has gained popularity and has begun to rival many other popular streaming devices. One device that Fire Cube TV rivals are Apple TV. While both devices have their respective fan clubs, one may be left wondering which is better.

When looking at each option, there will be unique features that appeal to diverse needs and want. However, it appears that Fire Cube TV is just a bit above Apple TV with features and usability. 

In this article, you  will learn about the similarities and differences between Fire Cube TV and Apple TV. 

Fire Cube TV Vs. Apple TV

Fire Cube TV comes out on top when compared to Apple TV for a variety of reasons. While Apple is popular and has many faithful customers, it would be wise to check out Fire Cube TV.

Price: The price of Fire Cube TV is $50 less than Apple TV. This may not seem like a huge price difference, but when you factor in the cost for streaming services, it may differ between adding a service and taking one away, depending on your budget. The Fire Cube TV is $120 while Apple TV is closer to $170. 

Features: Both devices allow you to stream entertainment from many different providers with ease. They also include the voice command option, remote controls, and apps to help control your device. When looking at the overall features, they are both quite similar. 

Size: The size of each device is quite compact, which means it can easily fit into your entertainment space without standing out. This is important if you have limited space to have devices. 

App Control:  Both devices can be controlled using an app. Apple TV will rely on iOS, while Fire Cube TV is going to use an android app. While Apple TV will call on Siri for help, Fire Cube TV will connect with Alexa. 

The ability to control each of these streaming devices with your voice and the assistance of Siri and Alexa make using them a breeze. The idea that you do not need to lift a finger to change a channel is quite appealing to many people. 

It appears that most of the features for each device are similar, so what sets them apart to make Fire Cube TV rise to the top?

Fire Cube is Slightly Better

You may be wondering what exactly makes Fire Cube TV so much better. While all the features are quite similar, the thing that stands apart for Fire Cube is using the cube for more than streaming TV. You do not have to have the TV on to take advantage of using your cube. 

The cube controls the TV and can also be used to control any sound devices attached to your tv. When you are not using the cube for watching television, it can double as a smart speaker that works with your voice prompt. 

With the additional features of Fire Cube TV, it is a favorite of many. Because the Fire Cube can be used with us without the tv and can be connected to other devices, it makes the investment much more worthwhile for a homeowner. 

(Source: Android Central)

What About Apple TV?

While Fire Cube TV may rise above Apple TV in some areas, Apple TV has features that Fire Cube TV does not. The differences between the two are not significant, but they are worth noting and bringing awareness to. Most people want to watch tv with the best picture and sound quality. If you compare the picture and sound quality of Apple TV and Fire Cube TV, you are likely to see a slight difference, with Apple TV being the winner. 

When programs are streamed through Apple TV, it appears there is a bit more crispness and fluid motion on the screen. The audio is also a bit more impressive. While these differences are not startling, you will be able to note the difference in a side-by-side comparison. If the picture and sound quality are at the top of your priority list, spending the extra money on Apple TV may be beneficial. 

Paring With Devices

Because both options provide voice operation, you may be wondering if you can mix and match when it comes to paring the devices. If you use Apple items, it will be much easier to use Apple TV. If you use Android devices, Fire Cube TV may be easier to get behind. 

iPhone with Fire Cube: If you have an iPhone, you will still be able to control the Fire Cube with your phone. However, you will need to download a specific app that belongs to a third party. If you have Apple TV, you can easily pair your phone to the TV because they use the same operating system. 

Android with Apple TV:  You can use your android to control your Apple TV, but you will need to download a specific app that will allow you to do this. If you have a Fire Cube Tv, you can easily connect your device to the cube.

As you can see, the device you must operate the cube or Apple TV does not necessarily need to be the same operating system, but it would make it easier if they were. 

(Source: My Smart Price)

Final Thoughts

Both Apple TV and Fire Cube TV are great streaming device options. Depending on your budget, needs, and comfort with each operating system, the choice can be challenging. If you want to choose the option that has the most bang for your buck, Fire Cube TV is likely the way to go. While Apple TV is great, you will be much happier with the features of Fire Cube TV. 

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