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Everything You Need To Know About Peloton Delivery

Last Updated Feb 16, 2022
woman on peloton bike

Peloton has built a strong reputation when it comes to exercise bikes, and their products are a clear step ahead of the competition. For this reason, the products are sold in less than 30 warehouses across the US, and you have to order them in advance. It also takes time for the delivery to arrive, and if it’s your first time buying a Peloton bike, there are some things you need to know about Peloton delivery.

First, you have to make the order and wait a few weeks before delivery. Secondly, the delivery people will handle the transportation and assembling of the product on your behalf. However, there is a way you can speed up the delivery process, but you’ll need to contact customer support to get clear directions.

That’s not all, as you still need to know about their notification process after buying the bike, how long it takes for the shipment to arrive, and what to expect from delivery guys, which you will learn if you read on.

What You Should Know About Peloton Delivery

Peloton bikes are very reliable even though their delivery takes time. Since you can’t pick up this bike from a store, you’ll have to place your order and wait for the company to deliver the product. However, the wait is worth it, given how well these bikes perform.

Do you pay for Delivery?

The bike costs upwards of $1,700, including a delivery fee of around $350. However, the money doesn’t cover tax, which could see the cost go higher than this. You also need to factor in an additional per month fee to cover for a monthly subscription if you’re planning to use their content streaming services.

How do you know when your Shipment will Arrive?

Peloton has a notification system to alert you from when you purchase to when the shipment arrives. You’ll receive these notifications through your email address, with the first one coming after you make a purchase. A few days later, you’ll receive another email to select when you wish for the item to be delivered.

In most cases, the delivery windows are a few months apart, but the email will contain the open days for delivery.

You’ll also get another notification once your shipment has been dispatched, together with the details of the delivery van. The delivery time might differ depending on where you reside.

Do you Need to Tip the Delivery Guys?

It’s not a requirement to tip Peloton delivery guys, but you can do it if it makes you feel good. A $20 tip could go a long way to making them feel appreciated for the work they do.

How Long Does a Peloton Bike Shipment Take?

On average, you should expect your shipment within a month of purchase, but it’s critical to note that your location might affect the period. If you’re closer to a shipping warehouse, you should expect it in less than a month.

Peloton has been investing heavily to improve its logistics which has been a primary concern with many potential buyers. The fact that you cannot walk into a fitness retail shop and walk out with a Peloton bike is what drags their business behind. However, a one-month delay is considered an improvement, given that people had to wait twice the period before the improvements were made.

Can you Speed up the Delivery Time?

In most cases, you would have to wait until the designated time for your Peloton bike to arrive. However, if you’re lucky enough, you could get the shipment earlier than expected, and this only happens under the following conditions:

  • You live closer to the shipping warehouse
  • There is another delivery taking place near you
  • If you choose to drive to the shipping warehouse and pick the item yourself

Whichever way, it’s always best to talk to support and find the easiest way of speeding up your delivery. Either way, the item should reach you within a few weeks.

What to Expect from Peloton Delivery Guys

Besides delivering your Peloton bike, the delivery guys will also help to assemble and test it before acknowledging that everything is working properly. If you live in an apartment, they’ll also help bring it up at no cost. If the bike is faulty, they’re obligated to take it with them and log a complaint with the manufacturer.

They’re trained professionals who understand the dynamics of the bike and are always glad to set and also test it for you.


Peloton bikes are famous for their durability, style, and performance. What the company lacks in logistics makes up in after-sale services. The delivery guys will help set and assemble the bike at no charge.

They’ll also help you carry it to your apartment, and if there’s something wrong with the bike, they’ll return it and log the information. The delivery fee is always included in the actual price, and it’s not necessary to tip the delivery guys. You can speed up the delivery time if you contact support and find an easy solution.