Eufy Smart Lock vs. August Smart Lock

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Smart locks are becoming the essential must-have product for the modern, connected home. Keeping your home safe and secure, along with offering convenient features that allow you to enter and secure your home effortlessly, makes Eufy Smart Locks and August Smart Locks top picks to research for your next purchase.

Busy schedules and diverse visitors to your home can make the concept of handing out keys to everyone a bit overwhelming. In addition, it can be expensive and difficult to track. You will not have to worry about any of these concepts anymore with smart locks from Eufy and August. Keep reading to find out all the features included with these two options to help you decide which one is right for you.

Eufy Smart Lock Features

First, let us look at the Eufy Smart Lock and the many options for your home security and entry choices. If you seek a smart lock with several entry methods to choose from, this system has it all; there are several ways you can operate your smart lock. For a look at the entire procedure from start to finish, this video gives you a complete guide.

Here are some of the best features the Eufy Smart Lock offers:

  • Fingerprint identification has become one of the most reliable and safe methods of unlocking devices. Ensure the ultimate privacy for home entry with the Eufy Smart Lock fingerprint identification option.
  • Installing the app on your smartphone gives you access to the ability to unlock your home on your phone. Setup is easy, and functionality is reliable and quick.
  • If you prefer using an electronic keypad for home entry, the Eufy Smart Lock has you covered. Entering a passcode between four and eight numbers allows you to control the level of security. Go one step further by enabling “scramble passcode” and enter random numbers before, after, and after code entry.
  • Failure to enter the correct passcode does not mean you are locked out of your home. Using the keys that come with the lock can get you into your home quickly if this happens. Also, some children and the elderly can have incomplete fingerprint patterns, making entry using the fingerprint scanner difficult. Using keys for specific individuals can give you peace of mind.
  • With the ability to add up to one hundred users, this smart lock can add value to your home, office, or rental property. In addition, contractors, employees, maintenance personnel, and other visitors can be added to the list to give seamless digital access.
  • Additional features that round out this versatile smart lock include customizing the voice volume, the ability to enable or disable sound effects, turning on a log to record opening and locking records for the door, and customizing the length of time for the auto-lock feature.
  • The newest version of the Eufy Smart Lock now has Wi-Fi available that adds additional features, such as syncing with the Alexa app.

August Smart Lock Features

Next, we will look at the innovative smart lock from August. Unlike the standard Eufy Smart Lock, this offering from August comes with built-in Wi-Fi. This product is also packed with features and is easy to install and use.

Here is a comprehensive list of what to expect with this smart lock:

  • Designed as a high-tech upgrade for your deadbolt, installing this smart lock allows you to keep your standard key lock available, giving you access to your home without replacing the keys.
  • With built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, no bridge is required and allows you to expand your integration options for using this smart lock. For example, in addition to the convenient app to lock and unlock your home, you can also use your Apple Watch to control your home.
  • Included Wi-Fi capability also gives you access to voice assistants. The August Smart Lock is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.
  • The inclusion of geofencing gives you an enticing option by automatically locking and unlocking your home. So, for example, approaching your front door with an armful of groceries does not have to be frustrating since there is no more fumbling with keys or trying to open an app on your phone. Instead, approach the door, and it unlocks automatically.
  • Having a key that works anywhere can be an asset for home security. When you are almost to your destination, finding out that one of your children cannot remember if they locked the door can be an unwelcome prospect. A quick check on the app will let you know if your home is locked with the August Smart Lock. If you choose not to use the auto-lock feature, this is a valuable tool.
  • Features such as enabling biometric access on your phone’s app, requiring users to verify their identity with two-factor authorization, and the ability to lock down your home in the event of a lost phone give peace of mind.
  • There are no limits to the number of people you can add to the access list for your property. This ability makes it easy to add contractors, cleaning personnel, employees, and guests with ease. Also, setting access schedules can help limit the amount of time individuals can enter.
  • Never worry about a dead battery and getting locked out of your home. The August Smart Lock allows you to use a portable charger to open your smart lock if the batteries die.

Eufy Smart Lock vs. August Smart Lock

There are many considerations when it comes to purchasing a home security solution in a smart lock. While both smart locks have multiple features, you may benefit from a side-by-side comparison that helps you focus on the options you want for your needs:

 Eufy Smart LockAugust Smart Lock
Integrated Wi-FiSeparate bridge purchase required to add Wi-Fi capability for entry-level version, or purchase the integrated version now availableYes
Fingerprint sensorYesNot available on lock, but can add as a feature for phone access
App controlYesYes
Keyed entry optionYesNot Available
Auto-locking and unlockingSensor built-in locks when the closed door is recognizedGeo-fencing auto unlocks and locks your home based on your proximity as you approach and leave
Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKitNot CompatibleYes
Create digital keys for guestsYesYes
Create schedules for guest accessNot AvailableYes

Now that we have looked at the features available on both the Eufy and August smart locks, next, we will explore the reviews from customers to get valuable feedback on both. While these reviews can reflect the individual experience for each owner, collectively, they can give perspective on how each product performs overall.

Customer Experiences with Eufy and August Smart Locks

As with any product, reviews will show you both sides of the customer experience.

Reviews for the August Smart Lock

With the August Smart Lock, there are plenty of positive reviews to find. However, one recurring issue is that people seem to have connectivity issues for the Wi-Fi-connected features. Helpful suggestions mention that a strong internet connection is advisable. In addition, the smart lock requires connectivity for locking and unlocking the door, whether through the geo-fencing feature or using the app.

Taking the time to research the setup procedures is mentioned often, as setting the best timing options for locking can make all the difference. For example, if you close your door on a trip down the driveway, giving the lock a time frame rather than auto-locking immediately may be a more convenient choice for you. August Smart Lock owners mentioned in their reviews that installing this smart lock was quick and easy.

Reviews for the Eufy Smart Lock

The Eufy Smart Lock also earns high marks for its product, and consistently achieving over four stars shows the quality and performance you can expect.  

Many customers mention the ease of installation, which is sure to be positive for customers looking to do their smart lock installation. Reviews also say that they appreciate the different ways you can use the Eufy smart lock for added convenience.

Mentioned often in the con category is the lack of integrated Wi-Fi with this product. While the entry-level version does not come with Wi-Fi integrated, there is an updated model that you can purchase that has this capability. Additionally, this option comes with a 10000mah rechargeable lithium-ion battery that closes the gap in features between the standard Eufy Smart Lock and the August Smart Lock.

Installation Considerations for Eufy Smart Lock vs. August Smart Lock

Can you install the Eufy or August Smart Lock on my current door? One of the most popular features of purchasing either the Eufy or August smart lock systems is installing the product yourself. Both manufacturers claim to provide ease of installation, so next, we will cover the procedure for each so you can decide which is best for you.

Inspecting the Current Door for the Eufy Smart Lock

Making sure that your door is ready for install is essential to research before your purchase. Some things to investigate are listed below:

  • Check the integrity and alignment of the door. Be sure that the door is aligned correctly with the frame to make a proper connection.
  • Inspect the doorframe and look for any obstructions that could prevent a successful install.
  • Ensure that there is enough room for the deadbolt to extend after installation so that the door can be fully locked.
  • Make sure the dimensions of the door and frame meet the specifications. You will need to inspect the cross-bore diameter, the backset, the diameter of the door hole, and the door thickness.

Inspecting the Current Door for the August Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock has a few considerations to ensure that your current door will accept the installation. After deciding if the August Smart Lock is for you, you want to explore requirements before making your final decision:

  • Additional clearance is necessary due to the need for the wing latches to extend to secure the device to the mounting plate. Find these dimensions here.
  • Take note of the dimensions and depth of the product to ensure there is enough clearance so the door can be opened correctly.
  • Measure the door so that you can ensure enough room exists so that the lock does not overlap the door’s dimensions.
  • Inspect the door and doorframe to look for any damage or obstructions that could hinder installation.

Eufy Smart Lock and August Smart Lock Apps

Both the Eufy and August smart locks require a companion app to be downloaded for complete functionality. However, the apps are packed with helpful features that make your connected home complete.

For Eufy, the Eufy Security app is available for iOS, Android, and a convenient web portal. Find the download links for the apps here, as well as screenshots to give you a look at the app’s features. If you choose the August Smart Lock, the app for iOS and Android can be found here. For a look at the app and what it can do, check out this link from August.


Both the Eufy and August smart locks come with rich features that add reliable layers of protection for your home security and convenient options for you and your family. In addition, both smart locks offer a great way to add to your modern, connected home from Wi-Fi connectivity, auto-locking, digital keys, and more.

With multiple features, seamless connectivity, and the ability to share home security options securely, the Eufy and August smart locks offer top-notch peace of mind. Easy installation and effortless controls make these quality choices for your home, office, or rental.

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