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Eufy Floodlight Camera Won’t Connect To WiFi- Troubleshooting

Last Updated Jul 14, 2022
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Having a secure home is essential. Luckily, many different gadgets are available to ensure your home’s safety. A new popular device is a smart floodlight camera. Eufy, a popular tech brand, has created this smart security option to add to its lineup of smart home devices. Not only is it smart and intuitive, but it is bright and efficient.

Efficiency can sometimes be in the eye of the beholder. For example, if it functions well, then it is efficient. Occasionally, technology throws us a curve ball. Users can encounter a problem with their Eugy Floodlight Camera when this happens. Keep reading to learn how to solve the issue if your Eufy Floodlight Camera won’t connect to WiFi.

Why Eufy Floodlight Camera Won’t Connect to WiFi

Securing your home with a Eufy Floodlight Camera is a great addition to keeping it safe and secure. It gives many users peace of mind, especially if they live in more rural areas, as they can be pitch black. Sometimes, technology stops functioning properly, leading some users to wonder, why won’t my Eufry Floodlight Camera connect to WiFi?

Your Eufy Floodlight Camera will not connect to WiFi if there is an issue with:

  • The camera’s settings 
  • The network it is supposed to be connected to 
  • Its hardware 
  • Its firmware 
  • Signal strength
  • Power getting to the camera

Many different scenarios could be causing the failure of this floodlight camera.

These options can feel overwhelming, and the Eufy Floodlight Camera won’t work without WiFi. It is easiest to take one suspected issue and troubleshoot it at a time for the best results. Read on to learn how to diagnose and possibly resolve each of these leading causes of your Eufy Floodlight Camera’s lack of WiFi connection.

Network Setting Woes

Let’s face it; we are not all computer networking savants. That is okay, though, because luckily, some have a gift with networking. These networking gurus often send their knowledge to Google to help those lacking these skills figure out issues. If your Eufy Floodlight Camera won’t connect to the internet, start looking at your home WiFi network.

Often, this only requires the user to turn off their router and modem for a few moments, then turn it back on again. This will reset the WiFi connection and normally solves the problem. 

Another tip is to call your internet provider and ask them to send a signal refresh. This is especially popular with Xfinity customers and typically works like a charm.

2.4 GHz Vs. 5 GHz WiFi

Users will generally experience better results, better images, and more pristine sounds using a faster WiFi connection. Unfortunately, the Eufy Floodlight Camera does not support WiFi that is higher than 2.4 GHz. If your camera won’t connect to the internet, it could be because you are trying to connect it to a higher network. Take a peek and adjust if necessary.

Hardware Havoc

Sometimes hardware damage can occur. This is especially true because most Eufy Floodlight Cameras are placed outdoors. The hardware is often exposed to harsh weather elements such as rainstorms, sleet, snow, and scorching hot temperatures. While the hardware is meant for outdoor use, it can still malfunction in the most extreme weather circumstances.

Go outside, grab a ladder, and take a look at the unit. If you notice any cracking, denting, or other damage to the hardware, it could mean it needs to be repaired or replaced. Damaged hardware can cause the WiFi connection to malfunction and fail. If it’s broken, it is important to replace it to get the desired results.

Software Sorrows

Software is constantly being updated in today’s technological world. This is because patches are necessary to keep our harmful malware and viruses and to keep technology functioning properly. This is also true of the Eufy Floodlight Camera. It will regularly be updated through WiFi. You may need to update the camera manually if it cannot connect to WiFi.

Manual updates are a great alternative. All it requires is a phone with the eufySecurity App. If you have not forced a firmware update before using this app, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Click the icon that looks like three periods together
  2. Select camera settings
  3. Pick General
  4. Select About Device
  5. Tap Check for Firmware’s Update

If there is an update, it will begin at this point; This should help fix some of the underlying problems the camera is having when connecting to a WiFi connection.

Signal Strength is Lacking

While WiFi can usually cover an entire household, some WiFi is not strong enough to reach outside to smart devices. It is recommended that you use a WiFi extender to fix this problem. This will help extend the network signal from the router father away. This is a great way to fix the lack of signal causing the Eufy issues.

Powering Up or Powering Down

If the Eufy Floodlight Camera is not properly connected to a power source, it will have difficulty completing key functions, like connecting to the internet. This could be because it is plugged into a low voltage outlet, or the cord needs to be replaced. Either issue is relatively easy to fix, just replace the cord or swap outlets and see if the situation improves.

Responding Tactfully

No matter the situation and the frustration it brings, it is important to troubleshoot the issues with a clear head. This is because a clear mind notices more issues and can think through a plan carefully and concisely. Once you have figured out the problem, go back inside and relax. The Eufy Floodlight Camera will help keep you safe and sound.

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