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Eufy Floodlight Camera VS Ring – Which Is Right For You?

Last Updated Jul 18, 2022
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The safety of your home and family is important to you. Luckily, the newest devices in smart home technology are not only incredibly convenient and usually quite affordable, but they are also making your home a safe place. If you want to invest in a smart home floodlight camera, you probably want to know which one is right for you, the Eufy floodlight camera or the Ring. 

There are fantastic smart floodlight cameras made by both Eufy and Ring, and both companies are essentially offering the same device with very similar features. Figuring out which camera is right for you depends on your budget and personal preferences, but you can’t really go wrong with either option. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the many features, as well as the pros and cons, of both the Eufy and Ring floodlight camera systems so you can decide for yourself which one is right for you! In just a few minutes, you are going to be a floodlight camera expert! 

Pros and Cons of the Eufy Floodlight Camera

In general, consumers are opting for floodlight cameras because traditional floodlights really don’t offer the security they want for their homes. The Eufy floodlight camera is certainly one of the most popular options on the market, so let’s find out a little more about the ins and outs of this device so you can decide if it’s the right one for you!

Pros of the Eufy Floodlight Camera

Here are a few of the features of the Eufy floodlight camera that users love:

  • There are no hidden costs. Designed to protect your home as well as your wallet, Eufy Security products are one-time purchases that combine security with convenience.
  • Dual 2500-Lumen Bright and Adjustable Floodlights. With super-bright motion-activated floodlights, this device will be sure to deter intruders and ensure detailed, full-color recordings even at night.
  • Live-stream and record in full 1080p HD. You can see exactly who has been to your house and who is there right now with complete clarity. 
  • The Smart Siren is loud! A harsh warning for any intruders. A 100dB alarm can be triggered to scare off any unwanted visitors.
  • Instant alerts to your smartphone. Get notified immediately of activity and interact in real-time. Instant alerts allow you to always have an eye on your home.

That may seem like a lot of pros, but before you go ahead and purchase a Eufy floodlight camera, it’s important to learn about the cons of the device. 

Cons of the Eufy Floodlight Camera

While there are fewer downsides than there are advantages when it comes to the Eufy floodlight camera, there are still some things you should know. 

  • It needs WiFi to work. If the internet at your home is having trouble or if you lose power, the camera will not function. 
  • It doesn’t support HomeKit. Of course, this is not a problem if you don’t have the HomeKit smart home system, but if you do, it can be kind of frustrating. 
  • You can’t control the lights with your voice. Even though it can connect with Alexa, unfortunately, the option to turn the lights on and off with just your voice isn’t available. 
  • It only stores the past 30 days of recordings. 30 days may seem like a lot, but some other cameras offer quite a lot more storage. 

Now it’s time to learn a little more about the Ring floodlight camera and see how it compares!

Pros and Cons of the Ring Floodlight Camera

Ring is arguably one of the most well-known brands in the smart home security market, and for good reason! They offer quality products at an affordable price point, and their floodlight camera has a lot to offer! 

Pros of the Ring Floodlight Camera

So what are the many advantages of choosing the Ring floodlight camera? Let’s find out!

  • Dual sensor with face and object detection. You can set your preferences to get alerts when humans, animals, or cars enter your property. 
  • 1080p HD security camera. The camera offers a live-action feed as well as stores recorded high-quality videos on the Ring app. 
  • Pinpoint motion with 3D Motion Detection. So you can get accurate real-time alerts in the Ring app.
  • Storage of up to 180 days of recordings. The last three months of videos will be stored on the Ring app. 
  • 110 dB security siren. This siren is certainly loud enough and will deter any intruders or wild animals. 

Although the Ring floodlight camera generally has great reviews from its users, there are a few disadvantages to know about.

Cons of the Ring Floodlight Camera

Here are the few cons of choosing the Ring floodlight camera:

  • You can’t control the lights with your voice. Even though it can connect with Alexa, unfortunately, the option to turn the lights on and off with just your voice isn’t available.
  • It needs WiFi to work. If the internet at your home is having trouble or if you lose power, the camera will not function. 
  • Without a subscription, you can only monitor the camera in real time. In order to enjoy the recordings and various other features the Ring system offers, you need to purchase a subscription to their app. 

If you’re still not quite sure which floodlight camera is right for your home, don’t worry, we’re about to show you a side-by-side comparison! 

Eufy & Ring Floodlight Cameras: A Side-by-Side Comparison 

There’s a lot of information to understand about these two security cameras before deciding which one you are going to purchase, but here is everything you need to know!

Easy InstallationYesYes
Compatible With Alexa or Google AssistantYesYes
Controllable With SmartphoneYesYes
Camera Resolution1080 HD1080 HD
Paid Subscription RequiredNoYes
Stored Recordings 30 Days180 Days
3D Motion DetectionYesYes
Brightness2,500-lumen 2,500-lumen 
Night Vision YesYes
WiFi Necessary YesYes
Price Tag$150-$200$200-$250

Hopefully, this is all the information you need to decide which floodlight camera is the best option for your home! 

Which Floodlight Camera is Right for You?

Still haven’t decided? The truth is, both the Eufy and Ring floodlight cameras are great options for your home security system, and you won’t regret getting either! 

Sometimes it comes down to the little details, so whether you are thinking about your budget, the storage options, or a few of the other small differences between the two, your decision is really up to you! 

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