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Eufy Camera vs. Wyze Camera

Last Updated Sep 15, 2022
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With all of the smart home security cameras available, it’s just a matter of time before it invites a hundred different comparisons. But when it comes to popular options like Eufy or Wyze cameras, which one is better? Who has the better selection? Which one has more long-term value?

In terms of budget buying, it’s hard to argue with Wyze cameras, as the company’s entire marketing premise revolves around premium features at a lower cost bracket. However, pound for pound, Wyze cameras simply can’t stand up against Eufy, especially in the long term.

Wyze and Eufy are two premium names in the smart home security camera market, and both are very deserving of their position. While Wyze offers a lot of bang for the buck, Eufy focuses on slick, powerful cameras predicated on battery longevity and privacy. Read on to learn more about how the two cameras compare.

Eufy Vs. Wyze: Overview

For the sake of not throwing every camera in the Wyze and Eufy inventories at you, we’ll stick with the most comparable and reasonably priced cameras. The best indoor/outdoor camera in the Wyze corner is the Wyze Cam V3, and the best Eufy outdoor/indoor cam is the EufyCam 2C Pro.

 EufyCam 2C ProWyze Cam V3
Video Resolution2K HD1080p HD
Field of View135°130°
Night VisionInfrared and spotlightStarlight Sensor
Communication ProtocolWiFiWiFi
Motion ZonesYesYes
Human DetectionYes/Including Face DetectionYes
Pet DetectionYesComing Soon
Smart ConnectivityAmazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKitAmazon Alexa and Google Assistant
Storage Type16GB eMMCRolling, 14-day cloud storage
Weatherproof RatingIP67IP65
Sound DetectionNoYes
Power Supply6-Month BatteryWired
Two-Way AudioYesYes

The differences between these particular cameras aren’t particularly striking, but the subtle differences mount up quickly, especially when it comes to storage options and subscription fees.

The most notable thing, and one that will be the deciding issue for many, is the price, for which Wyze is the clear winner of the two. However, if you look at it from a long-term perspective, things begin to change, especially if you want to access the full features that Wyze has to offer.


The best camera that Wyze has to offer is the Wyze Cam V3, which is an exceptional camera that retails for only $35.98. So in terms of instant gratification, the V3 is the clear winner.

However, if you forego the Wyze Cam Plus subscription plan, you only get 12-second, motion-triggered clips, with five minutes in between. So each time your Wyze Cam triggers, you have to wait 5 minutes for it to be a useful security camera again.

You will also miss out on person detection, pet detection, larger storage options, package detection, vehicle detection, event fast-forwarding, and Wyze Web View. With Eufy, you get all of that for free, as it comes with the cost of the camera. You also get free, local storage through the Eufy Homebase.


Eufy offers four times the number of camera options than Wyze does, with several wireless outdoor options, including the Eufy SoloCam S40, which is a battery camera that includes a solar panel built-in.

Wyze has only just dipped its toes into the outdoor camera category, a category that Eufy dominates for now. When it comes to camera selection, Eufy offers one of the most robust and versatile selections out of any manufacturer, including Arlo, which has some pretty fine cameras.


If there’s one thing about cheap technology, it’s that you have to cut corners. Eufy Cams are solid, reliable devices that are sealed better against the environment, with higher IP ratings across the board.

Wyze has a neat design that caters to that corner of the market. It’s small, versatile, and packs quite a bit of tech into a small package. Unfortunately, that package isn’t as resilient as those offered by Eufy.

Tech Specs

Wyze has made its name with strong tech in wallet-friendly packages. But it is still outmatched here, as 2k super HD is nearly standard across the board with Eufy cams and 1080p the max resolution you will find with Wyze.

Many Eufy Cams include face detection, pan and tilt, motion track and follow, and more extensive intelligent video surveillance (IVS). It’s understandable that Wyze has to cut some of these down to maintain its price; however, when up against Eufy and its strongest competition, the differences become more glaring.

Final Thoughts

In terms of quality, longevity, and durability, Eufy Cam will smoke Wyze every time. However, Wyze cameras weren’t designed to compete with the likes of Eufy technologically. Wyze Cams compete because of their low price points, severely undermining Eufy, Arlo, Nest, and other brands.

You couldn’t ask for a better camera at the Wyze Cam V3 pricepoint. But if you are looking for powerhouse security cameras that will blow you away with the various features on offer, Eufy is the clear winner, and their cameras are significantly superior products.

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