Element TV Can’t Change Channel

Remote changing tv channelRemote changing tv channel

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Consumers who want to upgrade to a 4K TV without spending an arm and a leg should consider an Element TV. Element strives to bring consumers high-tech products but at a friendly price point. However, technology issues can arise on an Element TV just like any other. One common problem can be not being able to change the channel from your remote.

Why can’t I change the channel on my Element TV? A couple of solutions are to remove any objects between the remote control and TV causing obstructions, check whether you have installed the batteries with the corresponding polarity (+/-), and check if the batteries have enough power or consider installing new ones.

It can be frustrating when your Element TV is not working well. Especially when you want to change the channel to your favorite show but can’t seem to figure out what the problem is. When a problem occurs, you need to find a solution fast. Read on for troubleshooting tips on why you can’t change channels and how to find a solution.

Why Won’t My Remote Work on My Element TV?

Element offers some great TV options that are quality devices and can last you a long time. It can be hard when a problem with technology presents itself when we are so used to having everything work immediately, and just want to relax. It can be frustrating when your Element TV is not working well. Below, you will find several options for troubleshooting problems with not being able to change the channel on your Element TV.

Before you can contact Element TV support, consider some of the following solutions.

  • Remove any objects between the remote control and TV causing obstructions
  • Check whether you have installed the batteries with the corresponding polarity (+/-)
  • Check if the batteries have enough power or consider installing new ones
  • Ensure you have set the correct remote operating mode
  • Check whether you have plugged the TV into the wall outlet

The steps above should alleviate a lot of the issues found with the remote itself. If these issues don’t allow you to change channels, then proceed to the following troubleshooting options.

How to Reset Element TV

If the problem is not with the remote, then perhaps it is a problem with the TV itself. The problem could be that the TV needs to be reset. You can perform a hard reset of your Element TV by following the steps below:

  • Unplug the TV from the AC mains wall socket
  • Wait for a couple of minutes
  • Plug the power cord back in

Once done, press the power button on the TV and check that switching channels is possible. If the above does not work, consider contacting support services for further assistance.

How to Reset Remote

Another option is to reset the remote. Start by removing and reinserting the batteries. Then, press and hold the power button for 30 seconds.

Element calls the function to find the channels available on your TV “Auto Scan.” These instructions to use auto scan for on-air TV channels work for most Element TV models:

  • Use the Menu button to find TV Settings
  • Under TV Settings, Select Channel and ensure the setting says “Air”
  • Select “Auto Scan”

Follow the prompts and make sure you can change channels.

Element TV Remote Won’t Change Channels

Your remote can work perfectly in all other ways, but you can occasionally get stuck on one channel. If you are unable to change channels by using the channel +/- button, you should first try to see if you can manually enter a channel number by typing it in on your Element remote.

A good first step to take is to check that you have all the channels available. Click Menu on your remote and scroll through until you find the TV Guide Main Menu. Find the area marked Setup and select that. Once in here, you need to look for the section marked No Auto-Tune.

Use the left arrow to turn this function off. Exit the menu and attempt to change the channels. If your Element remote still won’t change channels, run a Power Cycle. After doing that, unplug all devices from your TV. Leave everything unplugged for five minutes. Replug in everything and restart both. This should solve your problem but if it doesn’t, contact Element TV customer support.


Even though Element TV produces relatively affordable smart TVs, they still represent a sizable investment. It can be frustrating when it does not work as you want it to. One of the most common issues can be trouble changing channels. Often changing out the batteries, resetting the remote, or resetting the TV can fix this. Follow the steps contained in this article and get back to watching your favorite Netflix program.

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