Echo Show: Do Both Parties Have To Have An Echo Show For Video Call?

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Technology has made it easy to contact anyone, anywhere. Texting and calling are no longer the only options. New technology allows us to use video calls to see people no longer nearby. This is a great way to talk to long-distance relatives. If you’re looking to upgrade, you may wonder do both parties have to have an Echo Show for a video call?

Both parties do not need to have an Echo Show to use the video call feature. Only one party needs an Echo Show, and the other needs a smart device that has the capability to perform video calls. 

Now that you know that you do not need two Echo Shows to video call friends and family, you are probably wondering exactly how video calling works. Keep reading to find out how to make a video call to devices that aren’t an Echo Show.

Make the Call

It is relatively easy to make a call using the Echo Show. Users can make a video call in two different ways with the Echo Show. Using either voice commands or the touch screen of the Echo Show, users can start a video call with the device.  The process is different for each of those methods, but the result is the same.

You can start calls on the Echo Show using either voice command or a few taps on your touchscreen. Video calls can be made through the Alexa app or other apps, such as Zoom or Skype, depending on the model and generation of your Echo Show.

Keep on reading to learn how to set up calls through voice commands or tapping through on the Echo Show.

Voice Command 

If you are all about touch-free technology, using the Echo Show with voice commands to make a video call is right up your alley. Amazon has implemented new technology so that a user can simply use voice commands to begin a video call session. To learn how to do it, follow these simple steps:

  1. Walk within range of the Echo Show so that it can hear you clearly.
  2. Tell it “Alexa video call” and pick the person’s name in your contacts you want to video call. Note: it is important to use the word video. Without it, you will have a regular voice call.
  3. When the Echo prompts you to, audibly confirm the person’s contact information.
  4. The video call will initiate, and you will wait until the other person picks up.
  5. Chat and enjoy!

Video calls are now as simple as a voice command. The feature is incredibly useful for those who live busy lives and are on the go. It is also helpful if you have your hands full or are completing another task and do not have the time to use the touch options to make the call.

Touchscreen Video Calls

You can use the Echo Show’s touchscreen to get the job done for those who like a hands-on approach. Although more steps are involved, you will still end with the same result, a video call with a friend or family member. To get it set up, follow these instructions:

  1. Touch the right side of the Echo Show display and drag that finger left. This will unlock the screen and open it for you.
  2. Find the chat bubble named communicate and click it.
  3. Tap show contacts.
  4. Find and select the person you want to make a video call to.
  5. Find the call button and tap it under their name.
  6. The video call session will initiate at this point. 

Although there is more involved with using the touchscreen, it is relatively easy to use. It is also a great alternative if the voice assistant is shut off or not functioning properly. Not everyone loves voice technology, but touch technology works equally as well.

Echo Show Compatibility

The Echo Show can make video calls, but not every device is compatible with this function. While you can use a smart device that isn’t an Echo Show to complete a video call with someone using an Echo Show, there are limitations. Different brands work with the Echo Show while others do not. 

One that particularly stands out is using FaceTime with an iPhone. If you have an Echo Show and you’re calling someone with an iPhone, you can’t place a call unless the iPhone user has a third-party app, such as those mentioned below.

Echo Show and Skype

Amazon and Skype have recently entered into a partnership. This means Skype fully supports Amazon and the Echo Show hardware now. Users need to download the Echo Show app. Once it is downloaded, follow the onscreen instructions to set up the account. Next, place your first call. It is literally that easy and seamless.

Echo Show and Zoom

Zoom can only be used to video call people on an Echo Show 8 or 3rd generation Echo Show 10. The user should pair their Alexa calendar and Zoom together for this functionality to work. This will make it easier for Zoom and Alexa to work together to make and answer calls.

Echo Show and Microsoft Teams

Although Microsoft and Amazon do not have a partnership, there are still ways to get the Echo Show video calls to work with Microsoft Teams. Go to GitHub’s open-source repository. Grab a .NET MS Teams bot.  Alternatively, third-party APIs like Zapier can help you make video calls work. This can be inconvenient for those who are not tech-savvy or do not want the hassle.

Echo Show and WhatsApp

WhatsApp and Echo Show are not compatible. There are no workarounds to get this functionality to partner either. Amazon has not released any statements indicating that it will pursue a partnership in the future with WhatsApp.

EchoShow and Discord

This is one of the easiest platforms to connect your Echo Show to, even without an official Amazon partnership. First, open a video call on Discord. Next, open up a browser with Alexa. Go to Enter your sign-in information and start a Discord conversation. You are all set to video call.

Video Calls are the Future

Video calls are extremely popular. You no longer have to be in-person to see someone and interact with them. It also allows users to see facial expressions when speaking to other people. Previously, phone calls were only audio capable. This new technology allows everyone to stay connected in the best ways possible. 

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