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Echo Show 10 Not Following – How to Make It Follow You?

Last Updated Sep 6, 2022
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The Echo Show 10 is a fantastic device, but sometimes it doesn’t seem to follow. What can you do to make it follow you?

To get the Echo Show 10 to properly follow someone, the first thing to do is try opening Settings. In Settings, select Motion. Then select Device Mapping & Idle Position. Under this setting, change the idle position and range of motion as needed to match the space surrounding the Echo Show.

This article will tell you how to make Echo Show 10 follow you so that it can be used to its full potential.

How to Make The Echo Show 10 Follow You?

You can make the Echo Show 10 follow you by going into the Echo show settings and selecting motion. In this setting, change the idle position and range of motion as needed to match the space surrounding Echo Show 10 in your home. This will allow for reconfiguring of the Echo Show’s range.

The Echo Show follow feature is a default setting, that gets set up during the initial set up of the Echo Show 10 after you plug it in and connect it to your wifi network and amazon account.

The Echo Show 10 should be ready to follow you after the initial set up.

The Echo Show 10 will follow you:

  • During an activity 
  • When you ask it to
  • When you say “Alexa,…”

This feature is one of the newer features of the Echo Show 10. It is a great feature, but can be jarring to get used to when you first set up the Echo Show 10.

Does the Echo Show 10 Follow You?

The Echo Show 10 does follow you as you set up its range of motion during set up. You can turn off motion at any time if you decide you do not like the following feature.

But the Echo Show 10 will not follow you unless Alexa is in use. If you are not using the device, it will remain in its idle position.

This helps curb the creepy idea that you have a screen monitoring your every move. The Echo Show 10 will only follow you when Alexa has been activated and you have motion on.

How Does the Echo Show 10 Following Feature Work?

The Echo Show 10 follows you by tracking your body movements. It can recognize movement and will follow you at all times when you are in view of the camera and have asked Alexa for something.

This feature can be very helpful if you are trying to move and read or watch something on the Echo Show. The Echo Show will follow you and allow you to watch what is on the screen while moving around.

This feature is also really helpful during video calls. It allows you to move about your room and hands-free have the screen and camera follow you around.

What If the Echo Show 10 Is Not Following?

If Echo Show does not seem to be recognizing your movements and it seems like it is not moving when you do, check the Echo Show 10’s settings. Try resetting the position and device mapping settings. This should restore the Echo Show and it should follow you without any problems at this point.

How Do You Make the Echo Show 10 Move?

You can make the Echo Show 10 move by moving around when you are addressing Alexa. If you ask a question and move away or move while watching a video, the Echo Show will follow you so you can see the screen even after you have moved.

Of course, the Echo Show 10 can only move as far as you originally set its range of motion to be.

All you have to do to make the Echo Show 10 move is to move around the room yourself. As you move your body the Echo Show 10 will track your movements and follow you.

Can You Turn Off the Echo Show 10’s Follow Feature?

You can turn off the Echo Show’s following feature at any time. To do so, just say “Alexa, stop following me.” This phrase will turn off motion for the single interaction. For example, if you do not want the screen to move around while a video plays, you say, “Alexa, stop following.”

You can turn off motion completely by saying, “Alexa, turn off motion.” Or you can navigate to the Motion menu under Settings and turn it off there.

The Echo Show 10 Can Follow You

The Echo Show can track your movements and follow you. If you don’t want the Echo Show to follow you, just say “Alexa, stop following me.” You can also turn off motion completely under Settings. The Echo show will now follow your every move when the device is activated!

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