Echo Show 10 Live View Not Working – Troubleshooting Tips

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The Echo Show 10 can allow for video calls and information on food recipes. With all that the Echo Show 10 does, having the Echo Show 10 working the proper way can help with those kitchen calls to home or making that special lasagna dish. So what can one do if the live view for the Echo Show 10 stops working?

The most likely issue is in the home monitoring part of the device. An easy fix for this problem would be to disable the home monitoring and then enable the home monitoring again. Just click on settings, then camera, and finally home monitoring.  After that, just disable and enable the monitoring to reset the live view.

Having live view working again can let you get back to see what’s going on in your kitchen or have a person be able to see you during a video call. Continue reading if you are having issues with your Alexa app recognizing your Echo Show 10.

Echo Show 10 Not Syncing With Alexa App

With the live view fixed on the Echo Show 10, some may run into the issue of their Alexa app not syncing with the Echo Show 10. A problem like this can prevent someone from using all the features of the Echo Show 10. The most used part between the Echo Show 10 and the Alexa app would be the live view. 

With an app not syncing correctly, one can’t see the live view anymore from the Alexa app. So what could be causing a syncing issue between the Echo Show 10 and the app? Two common issues can cause this, a bad or disconnected Wi-Fi connection and the Alexa app not being on the latest software version. 

With the Alexa app being on the wrong version, you can simply run an update prompt from the app store. With a bad or disconnected Wi-Fi connection, you can go into the Echo Show 10 settings and go to Wi-Fi to see if the device is connected to the Wi-Fi or if the signal is poor.

If you would like to learn more about Echo Show, check out this article. With two of the most significant issues with the Echo Show 10 covered, one can get back to using it to the device’s full potential. But is the Echo Show 10 worth the purchase? 

Echo Show 10 – Is It Worth It

Someone that may not have an Echo Show 10 might wonder if this device is worth getting. Others that are tech-savvy might be looking into whether or not the Echo Show 10 will fit their needs. 

Some might be looking to see if upgrading to the Echo Show 10 from the Echo Show 8 would be worth the investment. Price can also be a concern with people looking into the Echo Show 10

With these things in mind, it comes down to what the Echo Show 10 has to offer. When you look at everything as a whole, one can see if the purchase of the Echo Show 10 is the right choice for them. Every smart device comes with its own set of bells and whistles. The Echo Show 10 is no different. So what would make the Echo Show 10 worth purchasing?

The Echo Show 10 has these features that make it worth the purchase.

  • Motion tracking that rotates the Echo Show 10 to face you no matter your position in the room.
  • Enhanced audio output with one three-inch subwoofer and two one-inch tweeters.
  • It can be used as a security camera when paired with the Alexa app and Alexa Guard Plus plan.
  • It can be used as a TV in the room it is placed in.
  • One can use Echo Show 10 to look up recipes while cooking.
  • It can make your grocery by scanning barcodes on items you need to have added to the shopping list.

These things stand out with the Echo Show 10, making it worth the purchase. With all the information on what the Echo Show 10 can do, one can feel confident purchasing this device.


The Echo Show 10 stands out against other devices in the same category with its bells and whistles. Those looking for the features listed will see that the Echo Show 10 is a suitable device for them. The common issues that people run into with the device have relatively easy fixes.

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