Echo Show 10 Compatible Devices

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The Echo Show 10 is a rotating smart display made by Amazon that is currently in its third generation. It can be a great entertainment tool, and it can make hands-free access much easier through Alexa. The best way to take advantage of its full functionality is to connect it with compatible devices.

The Echo Show 10 has full compatibility with an extensive array of other devices. Among them, the Amazon Fire TV Cube, Sylvania Smart LEDs, Zigbee plugs, and the LG CX Oled TV are only a few of the most high-rated choices.

If you have an Echo Show 10, read on to find out about the most useful compatible devices you can connect to it.

Echo Show 10 Compatible Devices

The Echo Show 10 is currently Amazon’s biggest smart display, until the recently announced Echo Show 15 replaces it. The strengths of the Echo Show 10 lie in its motion tracking and Alexa capability, but linking it with compatible devices extends its functionality even further.

There are many ways to enhance your Echo Show 10 with connections to other devices, from entertainment options to smart home enhancements. Let’s explore what each of them has to offer you below.    


This 4K smart TV has full Alexa integration and can be a great connection for your Echo Show 10. You can use the Echo Show as an extra speaker for the TV, or you can use Alexa to access it from another room.

You can easily connect to a smart TV like the LG CX Oled through your Echo Show 10 by asking Alexa to find available devices. This will show you a list of compatible devices that are ready to connect. Choose your smart TV from the list and wait until the connection is established.

You will then be able to access the smart TV through the Echo Show 10. In some cases, you may require additional steps to pair a smart TV, but as long as both devices have Alexa integration, the process will be straightforward.

Amazon Fire TV Cube

The popular Amazon Fire TV Cube can be easily accessed through Alexa devices like the Echo Show 10. You will need to set up both devices with the same Amazon credentials to make sure that they connect properly.

With the Fire TV Cube, you can set up as many compatible devices as you like. To link your Echo Show 10 to it, you should open the Alexa app and have it check for available devices. The Fire TV Cube will show up as one of them, at which point you can pair them together.

You will then be able to control your Fire TV Cube through the Echo Show 10. Ask Alexa to watch specific titles, browse through genres, or find movies with particular actors or directors. You can also have Alexa switch channels for you without needing a remote.

You can even access the Fire TV Cube even if you are with the Echo Show 10 in a different room.

ZigBee Plug-In Appliance

ZigBee devices are a great pairing for the Echo Show 10. You will be able to access them through the smart display without requiring an extra hub. The Centralite 3-Series ZigBee Plug-in Appliance, for example, can be controlled through the Echo Show 10.

This offers you an easily accessible energy monitoring device. Through the Echo Show 10, Alexa can be told to turn appliances off or on through the use of ZigBee. It will also be able to observe which devices consume more power and enable the use of automatic control of lights and switches.

Sylvania Smart LED Bulb

Connecting smart LED light bulbs like the Sylvania ones to your Echo Show 10 is a great way to control energy spending in your smart home. Pairing the Sylvania LED bulbs to the Echo Show 10 will convert it into an energy monitoring hub.

Through Alexa, you will be able to have hands-free control over the LED bulbs. This will allow you to turn lights on or off, dim them, or even change the colors that they are using, depending on your mood.

Blink Video Doorbell

You can use your Echo Show 10 to connect to the Blink Video Doorbell. This will allow you to have more control over the security of your household. You can use the Echo Show 10 to see the footage from your front or back door at any given time.

Notifications from the doorbell can be sent directly to your Echo Show 10 so that you can see them as they happen. You will also be able to have a two-way conversation with people at your front door. You can use the Echo Show 10 to enable or disable the use of the doorbell.


There are plenty of compatible devices to use with your Echo Show 10. Most appliances that have Alexa integration can easily link with the Echo Show 10 for more well-rounded control. From entertainment options to energy monitoring and security features, connect your Echo Show 10 with available devices to create a more efficient smart home system.

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