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Echo Dot 4th Gen Won’t Reset? Try These 3 Solutions!

Last Updated Jul 21, 2022
Echo Dot

Many times, the need arises for you to reset your Echo Dot. Ordinarily, pressing and holding the action button for about twenty-five seconds is enough to do this. However, sometimes this method doesn’t work for various reasons.

If your Echo dot isn’t resetting when you try using the reset button, three ways you can reset it are:

  • Resetting using the Alexa app
  • Updating the device’s software
  • Improving WiFi connection

As said, this is just the short answer. There are a few reasons for Echo Dot not responding, which will be discussed below. Keep reading for more detail about these potential issues!

Why Echo Dot 4th Gen is Not Resetting

The normal process of resetting an echo dot 4th gen is by pressing and holding down the action button for twenty-five seconds. You then see a notification and then follow the instructions shown. However, if you are trying this and it’s not working, there could be a few causes for this. Some are:

  • Weak network connection: If the network connection of your Echo dot is weak or non-existent, the device might not respond when you want to reset it. This is not surprising as the device needs internet access to perform many vital functions.
  • Outdated software: If the software of your device is not up to date, this might result in the device not functioning as it should.
  • Minor bug: As that Echo Dot runs on programmable software, a minor bug could cause it not to reset when you use the action button. This is no cause for alarm and can be resolved quite easily.
  • The action button simply isn’t working: If you keep pressing and holding the action button with no results, a possibility is that the button is spoiled or it’s not responding for some reason. It is easy to determine if this is the issue as you can just use it to do any of its regular functions.

These are all the possible reasons for your Echo dot 4th generation not resetting when you try to do so using the action button. Luckily, you can solve the issue yourself most times.

How to Fix Echo Dot 4th Gen not Resetting

Knowing the causes, it is a simpler task to pinpoint the ways to resolve the problem. As each cause of the issue requires its solution, there are also a few paths you can follow if your Echo dot 4th generation isn’t resetting. The action you can take are:

  • Improve WiFi Connection: To do this, first, do a network test to check how strong your internet is. This can be done by using any network test website on other devices like mobile phones or computers connected to WiFi. If the network test comes out okay, ensure that your Echo dot is still within the optimum range of the network.
  • Update device software: This is a solution for both outdated software and minor bugs. This is because both problems share the similarity that they are both software issues, and updating the operating system often solves any such lingering problems. Ordinarily, your Echo is automatically set to search for updates and install them in the background regularly. However, sometimes the process might be skipped for various reasons, and you can do it manually. To update your Echo dot 4th gen, ensure that it is connected to the internet. Afterward, press and release the mute button on the device and wait for the mute button or led indicator to turn red. Wait a few minutes for the device to update and restart, and then try resetting it again.
  • Reset using Alexa App: If all other options still aren’t working, there is a high chance that the action button is faulty. This is particularly pertinent if the action button isn’t working at all. However, the action button might be working for all other tasks but resetting. To reset using Alexa, open the Alexa app on your mobile and go to devices. At the top, you’ll find the Echo and Alexa icon. Tap this icon and choose your Echo dot. Scroll down to factory reset and confirm that you want to reset it. Alexa will send the command to your Echo dot firmware, and the device should be reset on power up.

If all these do not work, the problem is most probably hardware or a very serious software issue. Neither of these is things you can resolve by yourself, and you’ll have to contact Amazon customer service for professional Assistance.


There could be many different reasons your Echo dot 4th generation isn’t resetting despite you following the due process. Fortunately, most of these causes can be easily resolved by following simple techniques, including a weak network connection, outdated software, bugs, and broken action buttons.