Echo Dot 4th Gen- How To Turn Off Alarm (Multiple Ways!)

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Using an Echo Dot 4th Gen is a great way to get up on time. This is because it can be used as an alarm clock. This modern-looking smart device allows users to customize their alarm to wake up to a custom sound, song, or traditional alarm chime. It combines smart voice assistant technology and practical needs into one tiny device.

After setting your alarm up with the Alexa voice assistant, you may be happy to hear it the first day… until you need to turn the alarm off or find the snooze button. The best way to turn off the Echo Dot 4th Gen alarm isn’t so obvious. So how do you turn off the Echo Dot 4th Gen alarm? Keep reading to determine the best ways to turn it off and get on with your day.

How to Turn Off Alarm on Echo Dot 4th Gen

Nothing is worse than waking up early morning to a blaring alarm clock. It may be a little less harsh if you have an Echo Dot 4th Gen with a custom alarm tone. In general, if you aren’t a morning person, it isn’t fun. Neither is trying to figure out how to turn off the device on this Echo Dot. We’re here to help! Many people wonder how to turn off the alarm with the Echo Dot.

There are several ways in which you can turn off the Echo Dot 4th Gen alarm, including:

  1. A voice command
  2. Using the action button
  3. Using the Alexa app 
  4. Setting a routine 

It is important to note that each method will successfully turn off an alarm if it is installed and configured properly. 

Also, make sure you have the clock showing so you know what time it is when you’re turning off the alarm.

Now that you know it is possible to turn off the alarm on the Echo Dot 4th Gen you probably are wondering the exact steps you need to take in each scenario to get success. Keep reading to learn how to use these four methods to turn off your alarm and have a peaceful morning.

Use A Voice Command

One of the most popular ways to turn off the Echo Dot 4th Gen’s alarm is to use a voice command. A voice command can be used with many variations, resulting in the same outcome. You can use voice commands to turn off the alarm before and during its ringing. Here is how you can use a voice command to accomplish both:

  1. Set up the alarm to go off.
  2. If you wake up before the alarm and do not want it to ring and wake up anyone else, simply use some variation of, “Alexa, cancel the alarm.” Stop, cancel, or remove will prompt Alexa to stop the alarm before it goes off.
  3. If you wake up to the sound of the alarm and do not want to turn it off physically, simply say, “Alexa, stop.”

Both methods will stop or cancel the alarm during or before it rings. There is no need to roll out of bed and smack the alarm button if you do not feel it is necessary.

Use the Action Button

Although it doesn’t always look like it, each Echo Dot has an action button. On the Echo Dot 4th Gen, the action button is located right on the top of the Echo Dot. This action button provides manual controls for the Echo Dot when you do not want to use the app or voice commands. 

If a voice command won’t work and you prefer to turn the alarm off by hand, follow these steps:

  1. Place the Echo Dot somewhere near your bed. Preferably on the nightstand.
  2. Set the alarm and get some well-earned sleep.
  3. When the alarm goes off, simply reach out your hand and push the top action button.

This method turns the alarm off. Beware, it is better to move the Echo Dot farther away if you like to push the snooze button or turn off the alarm and roll back over. This provides an easy way out of listening to the alarm and potentially results in being late.

There’s An App For That

Like any other smart device, the Echo Dot has a companion app. This companion app is known as the Alexa app. If your phone is nearby with the app downloaded, you can turn off the alarm before it rings or when it rings. This is a great method when cooking or working out on a timer. Here is how you can turn it off through the app:

  1. Grab out your smartphone and open the Alexa App
  2. Select the main menu button, which is represented by three stacked horizontal lines
  3. Find Reminders and Alarms and tap it
  4. Select which alarm you want to stop (a reminder alarm, timer, or regular alarm)
  5. Tap the toggle button to off

The alarm in question will either stop ringing or will not go off until you create a new alarm or enable it again.

Catch More Zzz’s

Turning off the alarm is a great way to catch some more sleep. It is also a great way to ensure you do not disturb your partner or family. Either way, the Echo Dot 4th Gen provides numerous ways to turn off the alarm no matter your scenario.

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