Echo Dot 4th Gen- How To Show Clock (5 Easy Steps!)

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The Echo Dot 4th Gen is an intuitive dot packed with different smart features. The Echo Dot 4th Gen can act as a speaker, an alarm clock, a voice assistant, or a regular clock. The user can determine what to do with it and when. Amazon has regularly added features to its smart device line, so how do you show the clock on an Echo Dot 4th Gen?

Since the Echo Dot 4th Gen has so many features, it has become a popular pick for many tech and smart home enthusiasts. Due to this, there has been an uptick in the purchase of the Echo Dot 4th Gen. Although the pictures are great, it can be hard to understand all the features at first, especially how to show the clock. Keep reading to solve this problem in five easy steps.

Showing the LED Clock Display

There is an LED display included with each Echo Dot 4th Generation. As soon as the user instructs it, this display will turn on and display the time to them. This is a very convenient function that many people enjoy. Not everyone knows how to use this function, and some will ask, how can I prompt the Echo Dot to show the clock? 

The settings will allow the user to adjust when the clock turns on, for how long, and when it should turn off again if it should at all. All of these settings can be adjusted within the Alexa app. Simply open the app, go to devices, find the device, select LED display and adjust the settings.

Now that you know it is possible to adjust the LED clock settings on the Echo Dot 4th Gen, you are probably wondering exactly how this works. Keep reading to learn the five easy steps you need to show the clock face and some troubleshooting tips.

Get the Alexa App

The first and most important step is downloading the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet. This is important because it acts as the hub for the Echo Dot 4th Gen. Without the app, the user is unable to customize the settings they want to utilize on a day-to-day basis and adjust them as needed. Once the app is downloaded, open it up and log in to your Amazon account.

When your Amazon account is linked, also link the Echo Dot 4th Gen to the Alexa app. It should automatically sync if the Echo Dot is nearby and on the same wireless internet connection. 

You’ll also have to ensure the Echo Dot 4th Gen is connected to WiFi before taking further steps.

Find the Device Button

Within the Alexa app, you need to go on a hunt for the device button. It looks like a little blue house with two spoons in it. This is the section where you will find the paired Echo Dot 4th Gen device and adjust the settings to show the LED clock.

Echo & Alexa

Tap the Echo & Alexa button within the device menu. This will only filter the devices connected to the Alexa app to show the Echo Dot devices. If you do not do this, you may be stuck with a large list of devices that also use Alexa. Think TVs, home security devices, or internet routers. Within this list, find the Echo Dot 4th Gen you need to adjust.

LED Display

After selecting the Echo Dot 4th Gen device, you want to show the clock face and find the LED display button. This screen will take you into another screen that will allow you to amend the settings related to the LED interface incorporated with the front of the Echo Dot 4th Gen device.

On or Off?

Now comes the big decision, decide whether you want to turn the LED display on or off. If you select the button, it will turn on and begin to show you the time. The lights are white and easy to read amongst the grey or black color of the Echo Dot. If you turn it off, the LED display will disappear, and it will look as if the Echo Dot is a plain ball all over again.

LED Display Issues

Sometimes when you look at the LED screen on the Echo Dot 4th Gen you may notice something is off. Whether it is too dim, suddenly turned off, or just reading the wrong time, it is time to look into troubleshooting options. Here are the easiest ways to try to remedy LED display problems on the Echo Dot 4th Gen:

  1. Reset the device. This will allow it to refresh its memory and microchip. This often allows electronic and smart devices to have a fresh start, solving the problem.
  2. Update the software. If you do not keep your devices up to date through the typical push method, you will need to go in and update them manually. The device will stop working without proper software updates and cause you grief.
  3. Check the internet connection. Sometimes when the Echo Dot 4th Gen encounters an issue with the internet speed or connection, it will stop working properly. Try resetting your router and modem to see if the problem resolves itself.

If all three of these common fixes do not work, it may be time to contact an Amazon customer support representative. They can help you walk through basic troubleshooting issues and determine whether or not the product needs to go through maintenance to work properly again.

Always On Time

With the Echo Dot 4th Gen, you will always be on time. Not only can it conveniently remind you when you have an appointment, but you can also ask Alexa to keep tabs on time for you. When all else fails, if you adjust the settings, you can keep an eye on the time yourself. 

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