Easily Watch Wyze Camera On PC Or Browser – 6 Steps

Waiting for the browser to load on his computerWaiting for the browser to load on his computer

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Wyze has an entire array of home security devices. Among them is the Wyze camera. It is easy to watch your live stream from your Wyze camera through a computer or browser, but how?

Wyze camera owners can view their camera stream on an internet browser, through an Android Emulator, through footage files, or using an RTSP protocol.

The most common way to view Wyze Camera video files is through a web view on an internet web browser such as Firefox or Chrome. Keep reading to learn how.

Use a Web Browser

Wyze integrates seamlessly with most modern web browsers. Users can easily pull up footage and watch it after clicking a few simple buttons through their web browser. Simply:

  • Select a web browser
  • Go to the Wyze website
  • Login
  • Load and play the video
  • Use function buttons as needed
  • Use events

Follow these six steps if you have yet to view your Wyze Camera footage through a web browser.

Whether you want to watch your pets while at work or ensure your home is safe, watching your Wyze Camera on the PC is a fantastic option.

Select and Open an Internet Browser

The first step to watching your Wyze footage is choosing the browser in which you want to view the video clips.

There are a few options available for web browsers, so you are not limited if you want to download something new to handle this task. Pick from one of the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Samsung Internet
  • Opera

Each web browser can run the Wyze website and has playback functionality to watch the video clips that Wyze records for its users.

Once you have selected the right browser and downloaded it, you just need to double-click the quick start icon on your desktop and wait for a new window to open.

Go to the Wyze Website

When the browser window is opened on your computer, it is time to navigate to the Wyze website. Wyze’s website is as follows: https://wyze.com/

This is the main website that Wyze uses to sell its products, provide security tips, offer troubleshooting solutions and keep track of its users.

Log in to Your Wyze Account

As a Wyze customer, you have likely already created a Wyze account. In the rare chance this isn’t the case, it is time to create one now. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Sign In button at the top right corner of the page and click it
  2. Instead of entering your username and password, click register or sign up underneath the prompts
  3. Select an email and password for the new account
  4. Check your email and accept the verification code email sent from Wyze
  5. Enter your cell phone number for two-factor authentication
  6. Tap Finish or Get Started

This will create your Wyze account. Once it is created, go back to the login screen. Log in to your new account. It should load your Wyze camera information to your dashboard.

Load and Play

Next, it is time to locate the video clip you want to watch on the web browser. First, you must find the camera with the footage you want to watch.

Then you need to scroll through the video clips and choose the ones you want to view. Once you have found the right selection, click the video clip preview to the left of the screen.

The play button is the generic triangle-looking play button you can find on any standard video or streaming service.

Use the Menu Buttons as Needed

Utilize the other buttons on the video clip to get a better viewing experience. 

The video clips produced by Wyze provide users with standard functionalities that they would get with a typical video or streaming service.

Pause, rewind, or fast forward through the clip to view only the information and video you want to see.

If the event still occurs after a clip has been produced, you can opt to change from playback mode to live stream mode.

Use Events

Wyze makes video playback easy. They have organized their video clips into what they call events. These events are stored in the event tab on the browser.

If you are looking for a specific time when movement was detected, you can use the events section to help you find it.

Each clip is organized by date and time and is listed in chronological order. These clips are saved to the cloud for 30 days unless a user downloads a specific clip to their computer.

Determine whether you want to see the clip in windowed mode or full screen, depending on your need if you aren’t sure when an event occurred, select view all footage.

View Wyze Footage On Your PC

Wyze makes it easy to view footage on a PC. As long as you have a preferred web browser, it is as easy as logging in and directing yourself to the right online location.

The next time you need to check in at home, pop on your computer and log into Wyze. Enjoy the live feed or 30-second snippets at the click of a button.

Alternatively, you can view your Wyze Camera footage on your PC from the SD card after it’s uploaded.


Wyze makes it very simple to view your camera’s footage, whether it’s on your phone or PC with a browser. Keeping an eye on your home has never been easier.

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