Easily Change Your Instagram Region Following These Steps

instagram app social media location region settings changeinstagram app social media location region settings change

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Do you want to view Instagram content from a different region? Perhaps you are on vacation and would like to see posts from that area, or maybe you moved and want your account to reflect your new home.

You can easily change your region on Instagram by:

  • Opening settings menu.
  • Changing account type.
  • Save your new settings.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to change your region on Instagram in just a few simple steps! Once you know how to change your region, you’ll be able to switch between regions around the world with ease.

How to Change Your Instagram Region

Changing your Instagram region can help boost your contents’ views and get your posts seen by those in your target audience.

You may even know content creators who live elsewhere, and the only way you can see their posts is by switching the address associated with your account. Whatever the reason, we’re here to help.

To change your region on Instagram:

  1. Locate the settings menu in the app on your device.
  2. Open the settings menu and change account type.
  3. Save any changes you’ve made to your account.

Change Your Account Status to a Professional Account

Before we dive into the steps of this guide, we’d like to provide a brief overview of what it will entail.

Most people assume that all you have to do on your Instagram account to alter your region is to find a “region” option listed somewhere amongst the application’s account settings.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. In order to do this, you’ll actually have to alter your account status from content creator to professional.

While these two account types are very similar, they have a few distinctions regarding their features and structure that set them apart.

A content creator account is geared towards personal brands and influencers, whereas a professional account is geared towards brands and influencers with monetization privileges on the app.

The primary purpose that the professional account requires an address is so that other application users know where your business is located.

However, it also provides other perks, such as providing the account user with ad deals, analytics, and relevant trend information pertaining to their location.

Regardless of why you want to change your Instagram account’s region, making this switch is the only way. So, let’s get started!

Open Your Account’s Settings Menu

The first step of this process, unsurprisingly, is to open Instagram, either through its mobile application or its official website, depending on if you’re using a mobile device or desktop.

Once you’re there, sign in to your Instagram account, if necessary, and then click on the account icon located on the far right of the menu bar (the icon should appear as a person’s head inside a circle).

Now that you’re on your personal Instagram account page, you’ll want to open your account menu but selecting the menu icon located at the upper right-hand corner.

If “hamburger menu” is a new-to-you term, it’s the three horizontal lines at the top of the page that brings up a dropdown menu when clicked.

This will open up a menu consisting of several options, from your account favorites to a list of your close friends to transaction details and more.

Navigate to the “Switch to Professional Account” Option

After you’ve opened your personal Instagram account’s settings menu, you’ll select the first option on the list, the “Settings” option (the icon will appear as a black gear).

Inside the “Settings” menu, you’ll continue by opening the “Account” option. From here, you’ll want to scroll down to the second to last option, labeled “Switch to professional account.”

Selecting this is what will allow you to start the process of choosing your desired region.

However, keep in mind that this will switch your Instagram account from “content creator account” to “professional account,” so you’ll want to be certain this is what you want before going ahead.

Follow the Provided Steps and Enter Your Desired Address

Selecting the “Switch to professional account” option will trigger a set of steps you need to complete.

The first few screens you’ll see simply describe the benefits of switching to this account type and will only require you to click the blue “continue” button to proceed.

After these pages, you’ll reach one of the first steps that requires your input. The page will ask you to choose a display category label that best describes you/your business.

Your answer will not affect your region, so select whichever one seems most appropriate and select “done.”

On the next page, make sure the “Business” option is selected, not the creator option, and then click next to proceed to enter your business address.

This is where you can change your region. To do so, enter an address located in the region you want.

If you don’t have a specific address in mind, you should be able to proceed by only entering a zip code or city/town.

Save and Complete the Setup Process

Once you’re certain you’ve entered the correct address, select the “save” option and hit “next.” By now, you have officially changed the region associated with your Instagram account.

Before you exit Instagram, you’ll need to complete the setup process for your professional account.

The next page will ask you to connect to Facebook, which you can do by logging into your Facebook account, or you can skip this step if you’d prefer.

Afterward, you should see a summary page for your new professional account and its associated tools.  To complete the process, click the “X” located in the top right-hand corner.

This will bring you back to your original Instagram account page, and you should notice that the posts and other content you see now originates from the region you applied.

Final Thoughts

Changing the region on your Instagram account might not be as straightforward as you would have liked, but once you’ve set up a professional account, the process becomes much easier in the future. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way to change your region if you’re using a content creator account, so you’ll have to decide if changing your Instagram region is worth switching account types

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