Does Zwift Work With Echelon?


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Echelon bikes are a great resource for health and wellness on a budget. They are small enough to fit inside your home and powerful enough to give you a solid workout. Many people buy the Echelon because it is affordable and high quality. New users often wonder, does Zwift work with Echelon?

Yes, Zwift works with Echelon by using third-party apps. The program was designed for users to connect to the Echelon and continue to track their progress accurately while they work out. Another way to use Zwift with Echelon is to run it on a separate device and work out in freestyle mode.

Using apps that are not explicitly made for the Echelon can be challenging. Although they can’t directly connect to your Echelon, you can still use them if you think out of the box. Read on to learn how to use Zwift with your Echelon, how resistance compares from Zwift to Echelon, and other apps and smart devices that can be used with Echelon.

Using Zwift With Third-Party Apps

One possible road bump to using Zwift with the Echelon bike is that they aren’t compatible with each other, like the Peloton app

To use Zwift with your Echelon, you must be comfortable with using a third-party app. The qDomyos-Zwift app must be downloaded and used in tandem with the Zwift app and Echelon app to get the results you are seeking.

While it may seem complicated to achieve this once you get it going, it is quite simple. Here’s how to make it happen:

  1. Plug your Echelon in.
  2. Start to pedal so that your bike enters Freestyle Mode.
  3. Download the qDomyos-Zwift App on your smartphone
  4. Once the app is downloaded, open it up, and it should automatically detect your Echelon.
  5. Connect Apple Watch, Strava, Fitbit, or other heart rate monitoring device to the qDomyos-Zwift App.
  6. Grab another smart device like a tablet and log in to the Zwift app.
  7. Navigate to the device pairing screen.
  8. Pair the power source first. This should be your phone which is running qDomyos-Zwift.
  9. Next, pair the cadence device. This is also your phone.
  10. Lastly, pair your heart rate monitor source. This is the smartwatch you are using.
  11. Workout! All your metrics will be recorded in the apps so that you won’t lose them.

Using Zwift as a Workout Aid

If you want to use Zwift on another device and don’t care about the metrics showing up, you can do so by biking in manual mode. This will allow you to follow your workout on one screen while the Echelon captures your progress in Freestyle Mode. 

Not everyone wants to deal with the hassle of downloading multiple apps and syncing them all to the Echelon bike for every workout. If you just want to use the Zwift app for classes and convert the results and resistance yourself, you can. Here is how to use the Zwift app as a companion to your Echelon:

  1. Download the Zwift App onto your phone.
  2. Create an account if you do not already have one.
  3. Download the Echelon App onto your phone.
  4. Create an account if you do not already have one.
  5. Open the Echelon App.
  6. Select ‘More.’
  7. Select ‘Freestyle Ride.’
  8. Open the Zwift app, put it somewhere you can see it easily, select your class and start biking!

It is important to note that you are not limited to using just your phone when using the Zwift app; Zwift can be used as a downloaded app on a smart TV, a computer, or a tablet. Use whichever device is easiest for you. 

Zwift Resistance Vs. Echelon Resistance

The best thing about the Zwift app is that it considers whichever exercise bike you are using and factors its resistance scale into your workout and results. This means that you do not need to worry about doing any math to convert your Echelon resistance to meet Zwift’s needs. The app automatically does it for you when you select your bike type in its settings.

Devices That Work With Echelon and Zwift

You can use various gadgets to get the best metrics when using Zwift and Echelon. This is convenient for users who already have devices at home and do not want to buy additional options just to track progress. Here are some of the devices it will work with:

Heart Monitor Devices

Heart monitor devices can be used with Zwift and Echelon. The best option is an Apple watch because it seamlessly connects with the Zwift app. The Fitbit or Strava can be used if another third-party app is used to read the recordings via Zwift. 

Speed Sensors and Cadence Sensors

Using a speed or cadence sensor with Zwift and Echelon is optimal to get the best metrics from your workout. Zwift will support most Garmin speed and cadence sensors. This will help Zwift determine your full workout progress when on the Echelon or another bike.

Power Meters

Saris, Garmin, and Swerve power meters are compatible with Zwift and often used with the Echelon. This will also help the app determine your workout and progress. Although they do not have to be used, some people opt to use them for more detailed results.

Let’s Get Biking 

Zwift is a great workout app and progress tracker for any health or bike enthusiast. It pairs well with the Echelon and gives a well-rounded experience to the user. Although it can be a little complicated to set up, it is worth it when viewing the results at the end of your workout.

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