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Does Xfinity Delete DVR Recordings?

Last Updated Aug 22, 2022
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We have all become pretty spoiled when it comes to our entertainment and television options. We can now stream programming anytime, watch complete seasons of a series in one weekend, and record live television broadcasts, allowing us to watch at a more convenient time. But, what if you record something and it disappears before you can see it? Does Xfinity delete DVR recordings? 

Xfinity will automatically delete the oldest recordings when you exceed your recording limit, typically 150 hours of content. They delete the old to make space for the new, but you can set some recordings to be saved for at least one year. 

Below, we will discuss more about Xfinity’s DVR and the content you can record with it. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

Does Xfinity Delete DVR Recordings? 

Many of us like to be in complete control of our entertainment needs. One easy way to do this is through Xfinity’s recording function. This allows you to watch your favorite programming anytime, even if you’re not around to watch when it airs. 

However, there is a limit to the amount of content you can record. After you exceed this limit, Xfinity will begin to automatically delete your oldest recordings to make space for new ones. 

One of the easiest ways to ensure you do not lose any content is to delete the programs and movies you have already watched. This will free up enough space to allow you to record new programs while keeping the recordings that are important to you. 

Luckily, you also have the option to save some recordings for longer to ensure they are safe from automatic deletion. Xfinity may delete anything else once your DVR is full.

How to Save Recordings on Xfinity

As hard as you try, you may not be able to get to all the content you want to see before your DVR fills up. You may also want to save certain recordings for a longer period to show your family and friends. Luckily, Xfinity offers a way for you to protect important content from automatic deletion.

  • Open the recording you would like to save using your remote.
  • Choose “Record Options.”
  • Press “Modify Recording.” 
  • Under “Save,” select “For 1 Year.”

Now, your recording will be safe for one year from the current date.

How Many Hours Can You Record with an Xfinity DVR?

Generally, Xfinity allows customers to record and save up to 150 hours of programming. Although this number may seem low at first glance, it is actually a massive amount of space. You can record 50+ full-length movies and still have space to record your favorite TV shows.

The main issue is that you might not have time to get to all your recorded content before your DVR deletes old recordings to make room for new ones. If you need more than 150 hours of recording space, Xfinity allows you to rent more cloud-based recording storage. 

What if I Accidentally Delete My Recordings?

There’s nothing worse than accidentally deleting a program you were just getting ready to watch. Luckily, Xfinity gives you an easy way to retrieve it. 

Your Xfinity DVR includes a “deleted” section where deleted recordings will be stored for a short period before they disappear. Select “Restore,” and the program will go back into your recorded section. Just be careful not to press “Delete Now,” or it will be gone forever. 

What Recording Options Does Xfinity Offer?

Xfinity gives you plenty of options to choose the way you record your favorite programming. Some of the recording functions they offer include: 

  • Scheduled recordings 
  • Episode or series recordings 
  • Recording start times
  • Auto-extend 
  • Scheduling conflicts 

Scheduled Recordings 

Technology has advanced to the point where you no longer need to press the “Record” button once a show begins airing to save it to your DVR. Instead, you can find the program you want to record on your Guide screen, then schedule it to record when it airs. The program will still be recorded even if your TV and cable box are turned off.

Episode or Series Recordings 

Xfinity allows users to choose between recording just one episode of a series or setting the DVR to record the entire series. If you choose to record the entire series, new episodes of the show will automatically record as they air. This takes the thought and effort out of recording shows and movies entirely. 

Recording Start Times 

Generally, the time a recording begins is based on the start time your TV listing shows. However, this can become a problem when a show starts a minute or two ahead of schedule. Xfinity gives you the option to begin the recording a couple of minutes before the scheduled airtime to prevent any chance of you missing the first few minutes.

Auto Extend

Similar to the above point, movies or TV shows sometimes run a little behind. Xfinity’s auto extend feature extends your recording a few extra minutes to ensure you get to watch your entire program and don’t miss the last few minutes due to scheduling errors or sports games that go into overtime.  

Scheduling Conflicts 

If you have multiple people in your household, there’s a good chance that scheduled recordings will conflict. When too many programs are set to record at the same time, your Xfinity device will let you know there is a conflict and allow you to decide which programs to record when the time comes. 

When Xfinity Deletes Recordings 

Your Xfinity device will delete DVR recordings when it runs out of space. The oldest recordings will be deleted first to make way for the new ones. You can, however, lock recordings you don’t want to be deleted or contact Xfinity to request more DVR space.

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