Does WYZE use Zigbee?

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WYZE is a company creating and selling security devices. These devices maintain great features such as providing access to connect with Zigbee, Google Assistant, and Alexa for voice assistance, which will be available for customers in 2020.  

Does WYZE use Zigbee? Yes, WYZE is compatible with Zigbee starting in 2020. 

If you’ve ever searched for a different option for your WiFi and Bluetooth to connect with your Wyze device, you can now use Zigbee, which will be a new option to connect with your Wyze devices in 2020. Wyze aims at enhancing your opportunity to create your home into a smart home for anyone that owns high-quality products and accomplishes this with Zigbee. 

What is Zigbee?

Zigbee is considered to be an alternative for WiFi and Bluetooth for some applications. These applications include devices that do not require a large amount of bandwidth, such as your smart home sensors.

The difference in Zigbee and Bluetooth is how it communicates to other devices. Zigbee operates a mesh network which means one high-powered device communicates with another high-powered device.

This creates a simpler solution for signals to move between devices. Zigbee was created to be a simpler and cheaper option. 

The frequencies Zigbee operates on are 2.4GHz, 868MHz, and 90MHz. 

What Does Wyze Offer? Devices Are Offered with Wyze? 

Wyze Cam V2

This device is a square-shaped camera with 1080p full HD, night vision, and two-way audio. With this camera and the Wyze app, you can access live-stream footage at any time. 

You will receive a notification every time a sound or motion has been detected, showing a video of what was caught on the camera. 

With the night vision feature, you can catch anything up to 30 feet away, even in total darkness. 

This camera uses a 3-axis design, allowing your camera to reach any angle. With the magnetic base, adhesive tape, and metal plate, you can mount your camera anywhere without the need for screws. 

This camera also features 2-way audio and pairs with Alexa and Google Assistant. You can find out more about this here.

Wyze Plug

The Wyze Plug uses voice command when paired with Alexa or Google Assistant and when you connect your device to the Wyze app, you have access to control all your appliances connected to the plug from your smartphone. 

This device has an easy 3-step setup process that lets you connect multiple plugs so you can control everything at once.

Motion Capture 

Complete Motion Capture 

The Complete Motion Capture is an optional add-on service with Wyze. This feature upgrades to the free 12-second motion recording with your Wyze Cam, which is included with the Wyze app. 

With this upgrade, you can record motion to the cloud whenever motion is detected with no wait time. 

Store on the Cloud

One great feature for the Wyze devices is its ability to store motion videos in the cloud for 14 days. You are given the ability to access these videos from the Wyze app, even after your device has been unplugged or stolen. 

Alexa and Google Assistant Integration 

The Google Assistant and Alexa feature allows you to control your Wyze devices with the sound of your voice. You are also able to stream your Wyze Cam with the Google Home Hub. 

By pairing your Wyze Cam with Google Assistant, Google will have access to your camera names and the cameras live-stream video, which will be displayed on the screen of your Google device. 

By saying “Hey Google, show me (camera name) on (device name),” you can display the footage from the specific device requested. 

What is the Wyze Bridge? 

The Sense Bridge is a small, square-shaped device, that interfaces with your current Wyze camera. The Sense Bridge connects with all models. 

To operate, you simply plug the Bridge into the back of the camera at the MicroUSB port. 

Does Wyze Sense use a mesh network to connect?

The quick answer is no. Each sensor does connect to the Bridge, which connects your Wyze Cam to your WiFi Network. 

If you have multiple Bridges, you can connect all of them to the same account. 

What is the Range for the Bridge to the Sensor? 

The floor plan and the environment your devices are in are a few of the factors that may interfere with your Bridge’s signal strength. Due to the signal strength depending on a few uncontrolled factors, there is not a set distance for the range it can reach. However, most homes should only require one Bridge. 

The Wyze Bridge is included with the Wyze Starter Kit and can be found 

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