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Does Wyze Thermostat Work with Alexa?

Last Updated May 29, 2021
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Today’s connected home makes it convenient to take charge of a wide variety of services we use every day. One invaluable service is the ability to manage the comfort level in the house. When you own a Wyze Thermostat, you might be wondering if you can use the voice connectivity of Alexa or the app to make the changes you want to adjust the temperature at home.

Using your Wyze Thermostat with Alexa is as easy as enabling the Wyze Thermostat skill in the Alexa app or connecting through the Wyze app itself. After enabling the skill, users will be able to use their voice to manage the comfort level in their homes.

The Wyze Thermostat is a smart, Wi-Fi-connected thermostat that provides comprehensive climate control throughout your home. After installing your new device, you will need to connect the thermostat and your Alexa to begin utilizing the convenient skills it offers. Keep reading to find out how your Wyze Thermostat works with Alexa.

Does My Wyze Thermostat Work with Alexa?

The Wyze Thermostat works with connected home devices, Alexa included. However, it is not a built-in skill. After completing the installation of the device, you will need to set up the connection between the thermostat and your Alexa. Next, we will look at how this process works so you can begin controlling your home with the convenience of your voice.

How to Connect Wyze Thermostat to Alexa

Amazon’s Alexa device is compatible with many devices that have built-in connectivity available. For those devices that do not have this capability, enabling the Alexa skill that corresponds to your device is an easy workaround that gets your device hooked up to the app conveniently. You have two choices in how to make the connection here:

Connecting through Wyze App

The skill needed to connect your Wyze Thermostat to Alexa using their app is owned by Wyze, so you will not have to be concerned with sharing any of your account information with your Alexa account if you choose this method.

Opening the Wyze app after installation will enable you to connect to Alexa. Open the app, continue to Settings, and then choose Works With to locate your Alexa device and make the connection.

Connecting Through Alexa

An alternative method is to open up the Alexa app if you have it downloaded and then asking Alexa to Enable the Wyze Skill. This method will require you to enter your Wyze username and password to give Alexa access to your Wyze account settings to complete the connection.

You can either choose Add Device from the Alexa app or ask Alexa using your voice, “Discover my devices.” When the connection is complete, you will see your thermostat listed in the section of the Alexa app for Smart Home devices.

How Do I Control My Wyze Thermostat with Alexa?

Once you have your thermostat connected, next, it is time to learn the commands that allow you to use your Wyze device with Alexa. While there are many commands available for use, we will look at some of the most popular ones that will come in handy the most.

  • If you want to know the current temperature, say, “Alexa, what is the thermostat temperature?” or “Alexa, what is the thermostat set to?”
  • Changing the temperature is easy. Say, “Alexa, raise/lower the thermostat temperature to 75 degrees.”

You will need to use the Alexa app to ensure your thermostat is in the correct mode. For example, Heat, Cool, or Auto. While there are many choices in the app or by using voice, there are some limitations. Also, if you have more than one Wyze Thermostat in your home connected to Alexa, you will need to use the thermostat’s name before completing your command to change that device’s settings.

Also, when the thermostat is set to Auto, you may encounter the inability to set a fixed temperature. Since the auto setting keeps your thermostat in a range of preset temperatures, you may want to change this setting to Cool or Heat to initiate a fixed temperature. If you would like to change the system mode from Auto to Heat or Cool to Auto, you can ask Alexa to change the mode. However, if the thermostat is currently set to off, you will need to make the change manually in the Alexa app.

Finally, changing settings such as turning on the fan only, setting your home to away/sleep does not work. Still, it is advisable to check the app for updates to see which convenient features will be added to improve options between Alexa and your Wyze Thermostat.


There are many convenient settings that you can use to manage your Wyze Thermostat with Alexa. Whether you like using your voice or the app, you will find the integration between Alexa and your thermostat will enable you to interact with your smart devices and connect comfort and convenience to your home.

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