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Does Wyze Smart Plug Work With Google Home

Last Updated Dec 26, 2021
wyze plug

The Wyze Smart plug is a smart home device that gives you the ability to control your appliances using an app. It doesn’t mean that you can operate the appliance without hands but this means you can be able to control the power that goes into your home appliance. You may be wondering now since it has the word smart before it, does that mean I can invite it over into my Google Home ecosystem?

Fortunately, The Wyze smart plug can be synchronized with the Google ecosystem. This includes the Google Home Mini, Google Nest, and the Google Nest Hub. This can be done by setting it up through the Wyze app. You can also use voice commands to control your Smart plug even when you are not at home.

Adding your Wyze smart plug to your Google Home is easy, and it can be shown in simple steps we would look into later. From there you can learn how to better your smart home’s ecosystem. In this article, we are going to look at what a smart plug can do, how to connect it, and if it would be able to work with your HomeKit.

What Does Wyze Smart Plug Do?

The Wyze Smart Plug works with Voice-enabled Google Assistant speakers such as the Nest Hub, Mini, and the Home Mini. Generally, Wyze smart plug helps you control the source of power for any of your appliances using Wi-Fi. You can use this device to turn any of your smart home devices into a smart device that can be switched on, and off using just your smartphone.

Coupled with Google Home, you can introduce it into your smart home ecosystem for optimal function. You can even be able to use voice commands on your smart plugs. You can do various things such as:

  • Use voice commands to switch on the lights before you enter your home.
  • Using voice commands to switch on the Air conditioning unit to cool the room.
  • Remotely switching off an appliance at home you forgot to switch off.
  • You can even use it on your rechargeable camera to control when to charge it, and when not so you can protect the health of the battery.

When doing this, you have to keep your commands short but also use only necessary words so that Google can understand your commands much better. If you need a full guide on the command you can give your smart plug, refer to Google Guide.

How Do I Connect My Wyze Plug To Google Home?

Connecting your Wyze plug or any other Wyze product to Google Assistant will give Google access to your Device’s name, and its settings (ie. the ability to switch on and off). The page for authorization is owned by the company meaning that all your account information will not be shared with Google. 

How do you connect your Wyze plug to your Google Home app? You can do this by:

  • Set up your smart plug on the Wyze app. If you haven’t, you can access the guide here.
  • Ensure your firmware is up to date by verifying it. Go to “Account” then “Firmware Upgrade”.
  • Install and configure your Google Home App.
  • Launch the Google Home app.
  • Click on “Add”, and select “Set up Device”.
  • Select “Works with Google”.
  • An authentication page would appear, log into your Wyze account and authenticate. Google will automatically sync with any of your Wyze devices including the Smart Plug.

As long as your Wyze account is connected to your Google account, your Wyze devices would always sync with your Google Home hence you can’t delete a specific device. You need to unlink your Wyze account first. If you would like to learn more about Wyze, take a look at this article.

Does Wyze Smart Plug Work With HomeKit?

The Wyze smart plug is easy to use, and it works well with its app monitoring how long you used a device or scheduling how long you have been using it. Well, since this device can be integrated into Google Home, I know the Apple fans out there are curious if the Wyze works with your Apple HomeKit.

Although the Wyze smart plug works well with the Google Home assistant, and the Amazon Alexa, it cannot be synchronized with Apple’s personalized smart HomeKit. Although it is one of the rarest types of plug that uses two-factor authentication, it is surprisingly sad that it isn’t integrated with the trillion-dollar ecosystem.

But the price is worth it for this basic smart plug that has most of the features found only in high-end smart plugs. The extra security also makes it a smart choice for smart home users. 


Making use of a smart plug is the simplest way you can smarter up a mere kitchen appliance. Just plug in your device, connect it to your app, and now you can perform acts only a magician does. Adding it to your Google Home can boost the ecosystem of your smart home while also enabling voice control for your smart plugs.

If you purchased a Wyze smart plug, and you have a Google Home ecosystem, I would advise you to synchronize it and get the best out of it.