Does Wyze Smart Plug Have Energy Monitoring?

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Most smart homeowners love data collection because it helps you keep track of your smart home equipment. This also includes energy monitoring, or how long your equipment has been functioning. Most high-end smart plugs can give the user information like these but some cheaper smart plugs may not come with these features. So does Wyze smart plug have energy monitoring?

The indoor smart plug from Wyze does not have energy monitoring capabilities built into its system but fortunately, an outdoor version (Wyze Plug Outdoor) does have energy monitoring, and water resistance features. Just like the basic Wyze Smart plug, this outdoor version has a timer, and vacation mode too.

Some smart plugs found in the market make use of mostly Bluetooth so they can be affordable but this outdoor smart plug from Wyze comes with a long-range Wi-Fi feature so you can command, and check energy consumption on your outdoor smart plug without even going close to it. Just like the indoor version, the Wi-Fi feature allows compatibility with both Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. 

Does Wyze Plug Monitor Power Usage?

Both indoor and outdoor smart plugs made by Wyze have a simplistic design, and these smart plugs are made to be rectangular. The performance of both plugs is excellent, and just like every other smart product you will buy from the company, you need to install a Wyze app to help you control, and derive information from it. 

Just as we discussed above, the indoor Wyze plug comes with a usage monitor that just shows you how long your device has been plugged in (length of duration). The outdoor Wyze plug on the other hand comes with a power monitoring usage that monitors energy consumption through the Wyze app. 

This feature is far more useful than that of the indoor smart plug from Wyze but here is the complication; the measurement is made in kilowatts per hour instead of watts per hour. This means it can only give the correct energy usage for heavy appliances but for light equipment like a charger, or air humidifier, it will only show pantry levels. 

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How Many Watts Can a Wyze Plug Handle?

Before you use a Wyze smart plug to monitor energy consumptions with any of your household appliances, you have to consider the maximum power draw in watts your smart plug can safely carry. This is important because you don’t want to overload your smart plug causing it to heat up, explode, or melt your socket. So what’s the maximum limit of watts your Wyze Smart Plug can handle?

For the standard indoor smart plug from Wyze, the socket can offer about 1800 watts (15 amps)  of maximum power draw. For the standard outdoor smart plug from Wyze, both sockets offer about 1800 watts (15 amps) of maximum draw power each, and they can independently be controlled using the Wyze app.

They can also be independently controlled by a button located on top of the smart plug even with different status lights assigned to each socket. On the app, each socket shows up as an independent device which comes in handy in case one of them goes bad or you completely want to stop using them.

Can Wyze Plug Be Used Outside?

It may be the holiday season, and you want to hang up the Christmas lights on your house. A smart plug may be the best way you can control your outdoor Christmas light. This gives you the ability to remotely control when your lights come on and off without going outside to the switch. So can you use the Wyze Plug outside?

If you want to use a Wyze plug outside your home, consider going for an outdoor version. Not only does it come with Energy monitoring (unlike the indoor version), it features an IP64 weather-resistant rating against rain and dust. This makes it possible to use outside even when it is raining.

The Wyze Outdoor smart plug also has rubberized socket covers on it which can be used for any port that isn’t functional at the moment so you can help prevent water from entering its ports. It can also survive in temperatures around -4 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. 


If you are someone that keeps track of the energy consumption of your smart home devices, then I think the Wyze Outdoor smart plug is the one for you although there are more choices. Don’t mind the name, it can also be used inside the house if you want to. 

The name is just a result of it being able to survive in the harsh environment outside your cozy home. Although it is advisable to use this plug on larger appliances because the gauge is in Kilowatts.

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