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Does Wyze Lock Work With Ring?

Last Updated Dec 19, 2021
wyze lock

Wyze has become well-known for its home security cameras, sensors, and other equipment for a while now. It has managed to keep all its smart lock cameras under $100. Many people who try to use Wyze still want other accessories to work with it, like the Ring alarm. This has driven a lot of buyers to ask, “Does Wyze Lock Work With Ring?”

No, Wyze Lock does not directly integrate with the Ring Alarm System. However, a Wyze Cam can integrate perfectly with Amazon Alexa, so if you have a Wyze indoor camera and a Ring video doorbell, you can control them from your Alexa device.

By integrating these two, you can create a simple and inexpensive security system around your house. Keep reading to find out how you can use Amazon Alexa to integrate Wyze Cam and Ring alarm to create a cheap security solution for your home.

What is a Wyze Lock?

Wyze Lock is a piece of hardware that acts as a smart lock for your doors at home. Smart locks are smart home devices that are Bluetooth or WiFi-enabled, allowing users to lock and unlock their doors without needing their keys. 

Users of smart locks can lock and unlock their doors using their smartphones. Smart locks also allow remote access, so users can open their home doors from work if they want to let a guest in, for example.

Wyze Locks are budget-friendly and do the work of many smart locks twice their price. But, unfortunately, they do not integrate with other devices like cameras and sensors – not even Wyze cameras and sensors.

When you buy a Wyze lock, you can beef your security further by getting a Ring video doorbell and Amazon Alexa Echo smart speaker. These three can work together to provide your house with a complete smart home system while your Wyze lock takes care of the doors.

What is Ring Alarm?

Ring Alarm is a group of sensors, cameras, and motion detectors that work together to provide you with smart security around your home. Ring video doorbells use WiFi to stream HD video and audio so that you can see and speak with whoever is at your door without having to go there.

Ring alarms, just like Wyze locks, are very cheap. Combining both systems with an Alexa Echo smart speaker system will not cost you more than $200. With less than $200, you can build a smart home system that can send your HD videos, allow you to monitor your home from work, speak to whoever is at your door, and get notified to call the police if you see that burglars have breached your house.     

If you would like to learn more about Wyze, check out this article.

How to Integrate Wyze Cam and Ring Video Doorbell using Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa (known simply as Alexa) is a virtual assistant technology that assists users in doing a variety of functions. If you have an internet connection and a device that can connect to Amazon Alexa, you can control this virtual assistant with your voice.

To integrate your Wyze cam and Ring video doorbell with Amazon Alexa, you need to have a device that can connect with Alexa. You can use any Alexa Echo smart speakers which are sold for about $50. 

All Alexa Echo smart speakers have a feature called the Alexa Guard that uses the microphone and speaker of the smart device to create a burglar alarm. By telling the Alexa guard that you are leaving the house, it switches to using the microphone to listen to the sound of a burglar breaking in, like broken glass. It can notify you via the app.

The Wyze Cam can provide a live feed from inside your house. If Alexa notifies you of an unusual sound in the house, you can use the Wyze cam to get HD footage of what is happening inside the house. 

The Ring video doorbell helps to provide visuals of the space just outside your house, so you can see someone sneaking in or waiting outside your door. You can even use the speakers to inform the person that you can see them.

All of them work together to tell you that someone is breaking in, show you footage of the burglar and give you access to communicate and tell the person that you are calling the police. To get the best out of Amazon Alexa, try getting many speakers and placing them in different locations in your house. This way, you can get good footage of a burglar no matter where they are in the house. 


Sadly, it is impossible to connect the Wyzee Lock with a Ring alarm. However, you can enjoy the Wyze smart lock for all its wonderful manual and automatic features, and simultaneously use the Wyze Cam integrated with Ring Alarm in Amazon Alexa. This provides a cheap but effective way to protect your house from intruders.