You like to have the best security for your house, and you got a door lock from WYZE. You would like to have it integrated with Alexa for voice control. Can WYZE Lock and Alexa work together?

WYZE Lock is fully compatible with Alexa and can work with Amazon devices like Echo smart speaker and Fire TV. With the integration of Alexa and WYZE Lock, users can easily lock or unlock doors with their voice or even through the Alexa app on their phones.

Your WYZE Lock can do a lot more than connecting to Alexa. Read on to learn how to get the best out of it by using Alexa and other voice assistants such as Google Home.

How Do I Connect WYZE Lock to Alexa?

To connect a WYZE Lock with Alexa:

  • Open the WYZE app and navigate to Account settings.
  • Tap on Works With and ask Alexa to enable the WYZE skill.
  • Follow the instructions and enter WYZE user credentials to authorize Alexa to access the WYZE Lock.
  • Tap Add Device or say Discover my devices.

Once complete, WYZE Lock will be visible in the Smart Home section of the app. Remember that the WYZE skill is a vital part of the Alexa integration for WYZE devices like the Cam v2, the Bulb, and the Lock. It enables Alexa voice commands for supported WYZE devices. It is like an app that you can switch ON inside Alexa.

Once you have got the two set up, all you have to do is ask Alexa to lock, unlock or report the status of a door fitted with a WYZE Lock. 

Alexa has the unlock function turned off by default. You can change this by opening the Amazon Alexa app and navigating to Device Settings>WYZE Lock (or whatever name you have given to it)>Settings and then enabling unlocking from there.

When you enable the unlock function, the app will ask you to log in to your Amazon account for confirmation. At this point, Alexa will ask you to create a 4-digit PIN code for related use in the future. You should also know that you could not disable the lock function.

Does WYZE lock Work with Google?

WYZE Lock works with any Google Home device via Google Assistant.

To set up a connection between a WYZE Lock and Google Home:

  • Open the Google Home app.
  • Tap the + icon.
  • Navigate to Set up Device and tap New Devices.
  • Scroll down to WYZE Home.
  • Sign in to a WYZE account.
  • Tap the WYZE Lock when displayed under the Choose Device tab.

If you would like to learn more about WYZE, check out this article.

Create a PIN

Before pairing your WYZE Lock with Google Home, you must create a PIN code for Google Assistant to prevent unauthorized actions with the Lock. Take these steps to create a PIN:

  • Open the WYZE app.
  • Tap on your WYZE Lock.
  • Tap the gear-shaped icon to open Settings.
  • Tap Third-Party Integration.
  • Tap Reset PIN.
  • Create a 4-digit PIN on the Google Home PIN screen.

This PIN code will not be visible to you in the app after this point, but you can reset it at any time. In addition, you will have to specify the Google Home PIN for each WYZE Lock you own if you have more than one. You can set up a unique PIN for each one or the same for them all; it is up to you.


If you followed the above steps but did not see your WYZE Lock under Choose device, here is how you can troubleshoot the issue:

  • Ensure that the PIN you set in the WYZE Lock settings is for Google Home.
  • Remove the Google Home app and reinstall it.
  • Reset the Google Home speaker.
  • Try pairing WYZE Lock with Google Home again.
  • If you are still unsuccessful, contact WYZE Support for help.

Digital lock systems are great devices for convenience in home security. Though they are usually out of the reach of the average soul, one from WYZE will set you back next to nothing and come in an all-inclusive package that will put the keys out of commission. However, even with the WYZE Lock, you will be able to operate the standard deadbolt lock underneath with those keys, should you choose to do so.

Will WYZE lock Work without Wi-Fi?

In general, the WYZE Lock is a Bluetooth-enabled device. Therefore, even if it does not have WiFi access, the user can still control it from another device via Bluetooth. However, one must follow the appropriate procedure to complete this job successfully. 

The only setback you will experience with your WYZE lock in the absence of Wi-Fi is the inability to remotely lock or unlock the door with the Alexa app or your voice. It will still work when you are in Bluetooth range near the door. You can also always use the keys to your door since the WYZE Lock does not change the inner working of your deadbolt lock.


With the support of both Alexa and Google Assistant, the WYZE lock is sure to give you an unforgettable experience of cost-effectiveness and practicality. Its multiple sensors will always keep an eye out for the door position, no matter day or night. 

You can view the history of when the door was locked and unlocked; you can set alarms to alert you if the door opens at certain times, and so much more. It will even run on backup power for some time if the batteries are about to run out of juice.

So sit back, order WYZE Lock, and give your family the best available door security.