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Does Tubi Have Commercials? (Can They be Removed?)

Last Updated Dec 5, 2022
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It is no surprise since the start of Covid all the way back in January 2020, That millions of Americans had to quarantine inside their homes and with so many great shows on these streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, and Tubi  the amount of hours streamed has increased substantially.

Tubi’s low-cost plan does come with ads. If you want to disable ads on Tubi, you can upgrade to a paid ad-free plan. If viewing on a browser, you can also install an ad-blocker. However, if you’d like to go ad-free on your big screen, you will have to upgrade your account. 

If you are like everyone else on earth and enjoy binge watching your shows without being interrupted by ads, continue reading for a few ways to avoid advertisements!

Methods to Disable Advertisements on Tubi

Now, we can continue ahead and show you a few ways you can remove the advertisements to stop those pesky interruptions. A few ways to remove ads are:

  • Upgrade your account to a paid subscription
  • Install an ad blocker extension or browser with an integrated ad blocker
  • Limit ad tracking on your streaming device

If you are looking for free options, continue reading ahead to find different options without adding another monthly fee.

Upgrading Your Account

The tried and true option of being able to disable advertisements is, of course, upgrading your account to a premium subscription. Of course, this adds a monthly expense to enjoy shows and movies without interruptions from advertisements. 

But, by subscribing to support the platform helps keep the servers running and enable the platform to create and add more content.

Use an Ad Blocking Service or Browser

There are a few free options to disable advertisements. Unfortunately these limit users to watching on a browser. Ad-blockers are not supported on regular TVs as you are not watching through a browser. The same is true for apps. 

A fantastic browser to use since it has a built-in ad blocker and VPN (Virtual Private Network) service is Opera GX. Opera GX is an incredible, easy to use, and clean looking browser you can install for free from the Opera website. 

When you first open the browser, it will have you go through a handful of customization options and once you’re finished, the ad blocker goes to work for you without having to adjust settings.

Browsers and Extensions

Browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox do have software stores you can access to download different extensions to do the same thing as the integrated ad blocker in Opera. 

The only difference is you have to search out those services to get the same effect as simply installing the browser.

The most popular ad blocking extension out there is AdBlock, racking up an astonishing 350 million downloads. To get this extension, all you have to do is Google search Adblock and select the install button to add it to your web browser.

An added bonus, in case you are not aware, is that services like Tubi, Netflix, and Hulu, have content that are somewhat hidden. 

By that, it means these things can only be accessed depending on your region. US Netflix and UK Netflix have different options, for example. You get access to a multitude of extra content by utilizing a VPN service.

Disable Ad Tracking on Roku

Disabling ad tracking won’t stop you from receiving ads. However, it will impact the ads you see. By disabling it, you are stopping the streamer’s ability to view your personal information and serve you specific ads. 

For the Roku all you have to do is:

  • Go to the settings option
  • Scroll down and select privacy
  • Under privacy there is an option called Advertising
  • Select the checkbox under Ad Tracking

Now advertisements should be blocked on your Roku device. For the Firestick follow the steps below.

Disable Ad Tracking on Firestick

Here we have the steps to disabling advertisements on the Amazon Firestick

  • Go to the settings option
  • Scroll and select the Privacy option
  • Go into the Interest-based ads tab
  • And select the all the checkboxes to disable ad tracking

Just by simply adjusting a few settings on your device can eliminate those advertisements and put an end to them interrupting your weekend Tubi binging so you can enjoy your favorite shows without any issues or awkward pauses.

Enjoy your Uninterrupted Content

With these tips and tricks, hopefully you can rid yourself of pesky ads! It can be disheartening to be three episodes deep in your favorite show and wrist deep in a bag of M&Ms to have to stop for an ad, after all.