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Does Tile Mate Work with Alexa?

Last Updated Sep 30, 2021
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You have finally decided enough is enough with the endless searching for misplaced items, so you just purchased a Tile Mate to ensure you never lose anything again. The Tile Mate is compatible with your phone, but is it compatible with your Amazon Alexa?

Tile Mate is now supported by Find My with Amazon Alexa. Now, it’s easier than ever to find your items with a simple, “Alexa, find my…”. This is a new feature of Tile Mate and the capability setup for Amazon Alexa can be done within minutes.

Keep reading to find out how to set up Amazon Alexa for Tile Mate, along with other criteria you need to know to ensure your Tile Mate works in conjunction with Alexa every time.

Is Tile Mate Compatible with Alexa?

In 2020, Tile Mate came out with capability options for Home accessories such as Amazon Alexa. This feature can now be voice-activated to find missing items that have been registered with Tile.

 In order for Tile Mate to work with Alexa, your Tile and phone must be connected to the internet and within a Bluetooth radius. Now that you have ensured your Tile and phone are within range, it’s time to figure out how to set up Tile Mate for Alexa.

How To Set Up Tile Mate for Alexa

It is important that you have activated all Tiles in the Tile App to ensure that they can all be found with Alexa. Now, that all of your tiles are activated, here is how to set up Tile Mate in the Alexa App:

  1. With the Alexa App open, select Skills and Games from the More section at the bottom right of your screen.
  2. Select the magnifying glass at the top of your screen and search “Tile”
  3. Select the Tile App and enable use. Do not use “login in with Facebook”
  4. Select done and save permissions once Tile is linked.
  5. Select Discover Devices, if needed.

You’re all set to find your missing items. Next, we will describe how to voice-activate your Alexa to ring your Tile.

How To Find Your Missing Items with Tile Using Alexa

For your Tile to recognize the correct item you are looking for, you must specifically state which item you are trying to find. The following phrases should be used to activate your Alexa with Tile if you are using English:

  • “Alexa, find my keys” or “Alexa, ring my keys” will ring your Tile.
  • “Alexa, where are my keys” will find the last known location of your item, in this case, your keys.

Some users have multiple of the same devices enabled to one account on their Tile app such as two (2) phones or two (2) pairs of keys. In this instance, you will need to clearly identify which tile you are trying to find. For example, if you are trying to find “Keys 2”, you will need to say, “Alexa, where are Keys 2”.

Now that we have established Alexa capabilities with Tile, how to set up Alexa for Tile, and how to find your items with Alexa, there are other features that will amplify your use of Alexa with Tile and a few stipulations that can affect how your Alexa works with Tile.

Amplify Your Alexa with Tile Use

A way to amplify your use of Alexa with Tile is to activate the Amazon Sidewalk feature within the Alexa App. When this feature is enabled, Alexa provides a connection to Amazon Sidewalk to create a Sidewalk Bridge. From there, the Tile will directly connect to the Alexa Sidewalk Bridge to enhance the search for your missing items, both inside and outside of your home. When the Amazon Sidewalk feature is enabled, it will send location updates directly to your Tile App. With your Tile App open, follow the directions below to enable Amazon Sidewalk:

  1. Under Setting, open Smart Home Hub.
  2. Select Link Accounts under Amazon Alexa. This will open the Alexa App.
  3. At the bottom right of your screen, select More and then Settings.
  4. Select Account Settings and enable Amazon Sidewalk and Community Finding.

You have now successfully enabled all features to make your Alexa work to the best of its ability for your Tile. Keep reading to learn about the few stipulations of using Alexa with Tile.

Stipulations and Restrictions of Alexa with Tile

One main stipulation of using Alexa with Tile is that your phone and Tile must be connected and within a 400-foot Bluetooth range of Alexa to ring either device. As stated above, Amazon Sidewalk enabled Alexa allows for more network coverage.

Although Tile skills are available in all countries that Amazon skills are available, the only languages supported are English, German, and Japanese.

All in all, Alexa is compatible with Tile Mate and provides expanded assistance for all your missing items. The next time you misplace your keys or your phone falls in the couch crack, Alexa will be there to make your search a breeze.

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