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Does Tile Mate Have a Monthly Fee (is Premium Worth it?)

Last Updated Jun 29, 2022
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Tile Mates can be a great addition to your life, especially if you find yourself losing your things often. They make nose and provide an easy and discreet way to track your most important belongings. However, you might find yourself wondering: is there a monthly fee? Should I upgrade?

When purchasing a Tile Mate tracker, you have the opportunity to purchase a premium plan when setting up the Tile through the app on your phone. That allows you to access features like location sharing. However, if you’re not convinced, Tile does come with a free plan so you can start using the device immediately after setup. 

Tile Mate is the most versatile in Tile’s product lineup. Understanding the differences between each plan will help you pick out the best one for you. Read on to find out whether or not you should invest in the premium plan.

How Does Tile Mate Work?

Tile Mate links to your phone using Bluetooth. The app will let you know if you’re in range of your Tile and emit a sound from the Tile letting you know the location. Tile software also uses crowdsourcing technology to help you find your belongings more accurately. 

This is all done anonymously and securely so only you and approved people can locate your Tile. For more detailed information on how the app works to locate your tile, check out their support page here.

Types of Tile Mate Subscriptions

Knowing the benefits of each subscription will help you make a more informed decision on how to get the most out of your Tile Mate.


The free plan comes with the purchase of a Tile Mate and includes three main features. 

  • Find Nearby activates the ringing feature of the Tile Mate when it is in range of the phone it is connected with. This is most helpful when you know it is close but can’t seem to find where you left it. 
  • Find Your Phone can be used in the opposite manner of the Find Nearby feature. If you have your Tile Mate in hand you can double click the button and your phone will ring so long as it is in Bluetooth range. If you misplace your phone frequently it could be handy to keep a tile in your pocket or in a stationary location to ping your phone when needed. 
  • Find Far Away can show the Tile Mate’s last known location on a map when you are not within the Bluetooth range. The last known location is based on when it was last within Bluetooth range of your phone.


Premium subscribers will be paying $2.99 a month or a yearly subscription of $29.99 to receive these extra benefits. Tile’s website states a few different ways that you can receive the first month free on their FAQ page. 

Subscribing to Tile Premium gives access to more features that are within the app and utilizes even more technology Tile has to offer. Premium automatically includes everything in the Free category as well as the features listed below.

  • Smart Alert Notifications will send a notification to your phone if you leave without one of your belongings that have a tile attached. You can choose which Tile Mate will send the notification to your phone. 
  • Customer Care and Support options are available with a Premium subscription. Customers can take advantage of free battery replacements which Tile will send to you every year. Customer support is available 7 days a week to assist you with your device questions. All tile products are automatically enrolled in the extended 3-Year warranty.
  • Unlimited Sharing is a feature that allows you to share the location of the Tile with family and friends so they can help you locate the item. 

Premium Protect

Premium Protect subscribers will pay $99 a year to utilize all the features in this plan.

Premium Protect gives you all of the features of Premium including the option to have an up to $1000 reimbursement on lost items that were attached to your Tile Mate. This can be used once a year and they partner with a company called XCover which specializes in insurance and product warranties.

Is Premium Worth The Cost?

Premium does offer more options rather than sticking with the Free tier that you receive when signing up in the app. Premium does have the advantage of more customer support options so when you do need them they will be there to help.

If you choose to subscribe to premium for just the free battery replacement it will be more expensive rather than buying the battery yourself when you need it. Premium is only necessary if you will benefit from the other features. Premium Protect can be worth the price tag if attaching it to high-value items like your car. 

This plan may not be for people that just need it to ping their phone in their house or a quick reminder to not forget your car keys on the way out the door.


There are many options and products that Tile has to choose from. Each one is catered to how you need to use the device. The Free and Premium options all have their features and benefits so you can get the most out of the Tile Mate. Tile also sells other tracking devices such as the Tile Pro, Tile Slim, and Tile Sticker.

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