Nowadays, many smart home security systems rely on cloud storage to save data. However, because of concerns regarding hacking, privacy, and security, you may want a camera that stores information locally––meaning that it is stored on the device itself. With that said, if you’re considering purchasing the Zmodo Mini Wi-Fi Cam, you may be wondering whether it offers local storage.

The Zmodo Mini Wi-Fi Cam has local storage, but it is very limited. It relies mostly on cloud storage, which can be purchased with one of three different subscription plans. Without opting for the monthly subscription, your camera will only store footage locally for 12 hours.

Just because the Zmodo Mini Wi-Fi Cam does not store data locally does not mean that the device isn’t secure. Read on to learn more about Zmodo’s cloud subscriptions and how they keep users’ information private.

About Zmodo’s Cloud Storage

Although the Zmodo Mini Wi-Fi Cam only has limited 12-hour local storage, this is no reason for concern. Through its secure, third-party cloud server, it would be very difficult for an unauthorized user to see your information.

Zmodo’s cloud storage is encrypted and used by many banks nationwide. This means that only pre-authorized users can access it. Additionally, encrypted data is very hard to hack since its code will not be recognizable to a hacker’s computer.

Zmodo’s Cloud Storage Requires Internet

Because the cloud is stored on an external server, it requires an internet connection. Your router will need to be 2.4 GHz to work.

If you do not have an internet connection, you could still use the Zmodo Mini Wi-Fi Cam. To do this, you would need to purchase a hotspot, like the NETGEAR Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot. This device would allow your smart home products to use your phone’s data.

This may or may not be a feasible option for you, depending on your data plan’s details. If you go with this method, you should be mindful of how much data you use so that you are not charged more than necessary.

Zmodo’s Cloud Storage Plans  

Whether you are buying the Zmodo Mini Wi-Fi Cam, the Zmodo Doorbell, or another related product, recorded data is only stored for a short period. After the 12-hour period has expired, data will be automatically erased from your device’s local storage.

There are three plans to choose from, each of which comes with different benefits. They are:

  • The Basic Plan – This comes free with your purchase. As noted earlier, this will only store data locally for 12 hours.
  • The Seven-Day Plan – For $4.99 a month, or $49.99 a year, you can enjoy the following features:
    • Footage is stored on the cloud for seven days.
    • Your cameras will record movement 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    • You can designate certain “activity zones,” meaning that you can control what activates the motion sensor.
    • Your device will have artificial intelligence (AI) enhancements. With this feature, your camera will be able to differentiate between possible intrusions and “false alarms.”
  • The 30-Day Plan – For $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year, you can get:
    • Recordings stored in the cloud for 30 days
    • The ability to edit and enhance footage
    • AI detection
    • The ability to designate activity zones

It is also worth mentioning that you will need to purchase a plan for each camera you have. These plans are per camera, not per household.

Is Zmodo’s Cloud Storage Safe?

Zmodo is a Chinese company that was founded in 2009. In that 12-year timespan, they have sold over 8 million products worldwide.

To date, no reported security breaches have threatened Zmodo’s cloud, though there has been some skepticism with their devices’ overall security in the past.

Despite this, Zmodo claims only you can access your recordings, regardless of whether they are stored locally or in the cloud. You can view footage from within the Zmodo app.

You will need to create a username and password to safeguard your information. If you want to share recordings or other information with other users, like family members, they will need to create separate accounts. You can connect them to a certain device by adding them from within the app using your credentials.


Although the Zmodo Mini Wi-Fi Cam does not have local storage, this is no reason for concern. Through its secure, third-party cloud server, it would be very difficult for an unauthorized user to see your information.

To learn more about Zmodo’s monthly subscriptions, you can check out the details here. You can also get more information about a product’s specs and whether it can suit your home security needs.