Does the Wyze Thermostat Need a C Wire?

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Many smart thermostats require your existing thermostat set up to have specific wires and components to ensure compatibility, and the Wyze Thermostat is no different. But like other thermostats, does the Wyze Thermostat require a C wire, or common wire?

The Wyze Thermostat’s advanced screen, connectivity with apps, and remote capabilities require a constant power source. Connecting a C wire or a compatible adaptor will give you the connection you need and the continuous power source necessary for optimum performance.

If you are unfamiliar with the C wire and what it does to help your Wyze Thermostat work at peak efficiency, this article will explain the details so you can get started on your installation. Keep reading to find out more about this process and find the best path for your install.

Does the Wyze Thermostat Need a C Wire?

The C wire was once considered to be an optional connection when it comes to the wiring of a thermostat. However, the advancements in thermostat technology have changed this way of thinking, making it a mandatory addition to the wiring to ensure optimal power.

Considering that the Wyze Thermostat does not run on battery power, you must have a C wire, known as a “common” wire, for power. If you discover that you do not have an existing C wire, Wyze ensures a workaround by providing an adaptor.

Locating the C Wire for a Wyze Thermostat Install

Previous generations of thermostats were more primitive devices that relied on a simpler connection that provided basic wiring. An always-on backlit display, programming and scheduling functions, and app connectivity require a more robust relationship with today’s choices. That is where the C wire comes in.

After safely disabling power to the thermostat, you will proceed with examining the current setup to determine if you have a C wire and, if so, if it’s connected to your current device. Here’s how to tell whether you have an existing C wire or not:

  1. Detach your current thermostat from the wall to expose the terminal where the wires are housed.
  2. Look at the wires in use and determine their name by looking for the letters that correspond to each wire, such as R or C. If a wire is connected to the C terminal, you have a C wire in place and will not need an adaptor.
  3. There will be no C wire attached in some cases, but it can be found tucked behind the wiring set up inside the wall area.

Using the Wyze Adaptor to Create a C Wire Connection

If you discover that you do not have a C wire in your existing thermostat connection, you can use the included adaptor with your Wyze Thermostat to ensure a quality installation. Provided that you have a G and Y wire in place, you will be ready to complete the install.

The adaptor has specific steps you will need to follow to complete the C wire connection:

  1. Locate the control board and take pictures of your existing setup showing all of the wirings.
  2. Ensure that the photo shows the letters identifying the terminals and the color of the wires.
  3. Label all of the wires Y, G, R, and W.
  4. Next, you will disconnect all four of the wires from the control board and then connect them to the C wire adaptor (also known as the CWA).
  5. After inserting each wire, use the screwdriver to tighten the screw, ensuring a tight connection.
  6. Now you will connect the four wires back to the control board to complete the CWA connection.
  7. Make sure that all screws are secure before finishing up and replacing the control board.

Even in the absence of an existing C wire, you can ensure that you have the continuous power needed to control your upgraded Wyze Thermostat after installing the adaptor.

From the beginner installing their first thermostat to the experienced homeowner opening up a decades-old setup, sites online can also help you troubleshoot. Researching the location of the C wire, the lack of one, and the best way to use the adaptor, if needed, will ensure you have the C wire power you need.


After learning about the necessity of a C wire for your Wyze Thermostat, there is a great deal of information and help available, including videos and guides for every step of the way. Wyze ensures you have the tools you need to install your thermostat quickly and easily.

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