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Does the Wyze Lock Work with Smartthings?

Last Updated Dec 20, 2021
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The Smartthings app has become the one app that you can depend on for integrating all your favorite devices, even those that seem completely incompatible. However, every app has its limits, and before adding a new device like the Wyze Lock you need to be sure it works with your smart security. For your safety and peace of mind, we need the answer to whether the Wyze Lock works with Smartthings.

The Wyze Lock, in addition to most Wyze smart home devices, is not currently compatible with the Smartthings app due to the device connectivity requirements. However, it is possible to connect the Wyze Lock with the Smartthings app using IFTTT. The Wyze Lock is also compatible with many other popular smart home assistant apps and hubs.

Now that we know it’s possible to link the Wyze Lock with Smartthings, we need more information on what IFTTT is and how to use it to connect these two apps. We also looked into alternate options as well, just in case! Let’s get started with more details on using IFTTT to connect to Smartthings.  

Using IFTTT to Connect Wyze Lock with Smartthings

The Wyze Lock is not currently compatible with the Smartthings app, but it is possible to connect the two using IFTTT. Wyze has partnered with the IFTTT(If This, Then That) app, which allows users to create Applets that use specific triggers to initiate specific actions. For example, setting a trigger for using Smartthings to unlock the door and setting the corresponding action of disengaging the Lock. 

To set up and use the IFTTT App to connect your Lock with Smartthings, follow these steps

  1. Download the IFTTT app in your Play Store or on the IFTTT site here
  2. Follow the in-app instructions to create an account
  3. Use the IFTTT app search function and select the Wyze icon
  4. Log into your Wyze account to connect

To use Applets to control your Wyze Lock with the Smartthings app, you can implement the already created Applets provided by Wyze linked here. If you would like to create your own Applets, you can do so on the IFTTT site or by selecting Get More on the mobile app Main Screen and going from there to Make more Applets From Scratch.

Smart Home Assistants The Wyze Lock Works With

If you don’t wish to use IFTTT to connect with the Smartthings app, Wyze devices can integrate with the Google Home and Alexa apps and hubs. Since the Smartthings app is compatible with both Google and Alexa, these apps can be used to group and control your Wyze Lock and the devices connected to Smartthings. In this section, we provide instructions to connect the Wyze app to Google Home and Alexa. 

Connecting with The Google Home App

To connect your Wyze Lock to your Google Home app, you will need to follow specific instructions for security purposes, including setting up a PIN authorization. This is to prevent the accidental or unauthorized use of voice commands to gain access to your home. When doing this, there are specific instructions for setting up your Wyze Lock to pair the device with Google Home. 

Connecting with The Alexa App

To connect your Wyze Lock to the Alexa app and enable voice control, you will also need to follow security procedures during the pairing process and set a unique PIN to authorize your voice commands and protect your home security. To connect using the Alexa app, there are step-by-step guides you can follow to connect your Wyze Lock to Alexa. 

Will Wyze Devices Ever Work With Smartthings?

Though Wyze is not currently compatible for integration with the Smartthings app, we found this link on the Wyze Support page that suggests that may change. According to the answer provided to the question of possible future compatibility, the Wyze engineering team is considering the possibility. They are currently evaluating the possibility of adding both Smartthings and Homekit in plans for future development.  

To keep up with current and future developments, you can subscribe to the Wyze Newsletter or sign up for email updates on the company website. 


When it comes to smart home security, each device must function exactly as you expect it to. The best way to protect both your peace of mind and your safety starts with device and app compatibility. 

In this article, we answered the question of whether the Wyze Lock works with Smartthings and provided instructions to set up the IFTTT app to do so. We also provided resources for connecting the Wyze app to Google Home and Alexa as another option to link and control devices on both apps!