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Does the WYZE Cam Have to be Plugged in All the Time?

Last Updated Feb 21, 2020
The back of a wyze camera

Wyze is a company that offers a home security system, that includes WYZE cameras. These cameras have great benefits and features that will satisfy any user and their needs for home security. These WYZE cameras are at a great price that is affordable for most consumers and has taken off as one of the better products when it comes to a smart home.

Does the WYZE Cam have to be plugged in all the time? Yes, the WYZE Cam has to be plugged in at all times. The camera does not come with a battery so that means it needs an external power source to actively run. These cameras will plug directly into a power outlet.

The company is passionate when it comes down to providing the best and highest quality home security system. The high-quality digital captures that the cameras bring are greater than most cameras on the market today. Read on to find out about the type of equipment WYZE offers, if they have a mobile app, subscription fees, and more.

WYZE Equipment Options

Wyze Feature 2

This is a new and improved way of managing a home, the smart way. WYZE does not offer several pieces of equipment, like other leading companies do, however, they do offer high-quality equipment that will benefit the user.


  • WYZE Cam ( multiple colors available)
  • WYZE Cam Pan
  • WYZE Cam V2

Each camera offers a high-quality, digital recording that can be transferred to the mobile application. This allows users to peek in on their homes and see what is going on and if everything is in order, without the worry of bad imaging. Click here to learn 11 more tips around Wyze!

With the WYZE 1 and WYZE 2, there is only one main difference and that is the little box that is around the person or object moving in the video until they exit the video eye. That is the motion tagging technology.

The Cam Pan offers a different technology from the original cams. What differs from the Cam Pan is a motor that allows the lens to tilt. The tilt on the lens is 360° horizontal and then 93° vertical. The Cam Pan also has 2 additional LED lights than the WYZE Cam 1 or 2. The 6 LEDs allow for an enhanced night vision view that comes in very clear through the mobile app.

Misc Equipment

The miscellaneous equipment available with WYZE is very beneficial to a smart home, such as the lightbulb.

A user can connect the system and lightbulb to Alexa or Google Assistant and control the temperature color, turn on/off with voice commands, and adjust brightness. That is an excellent price (Amazon) for such a smart lightbulb.

  • WYZE Lightbulb
  • WYZE Plug (2-Pack)
  • WYZE Lock
  • WYZE Sense (Motion Sensors)

The 2-pack plug option is a great deal and allows users to control their devices while away from home. If a user forgets to shut off the coffee pot, before leaving for work, simply login to the application and turn off the plug. Controlling devices has never been easier.

The smart lock is another easy way for users to control their home, while away. Simply log in to the app and lock and unlock doors, from anywhere. The motion sensors are installed to pick up motion within the home, while the home is secured.

If there is motion detected, an alert will be sent to the user’s phone. Overall, the equipment made by WYZE has been created to make life, easy!

Are WYZE Camera’s Easy to Install?

The cameras are incredibly easy to install. Gone are the days of super expensive cameras and difficult to install equipment, with the WYZE security. After purchasing a camera, all a user has to do is plug it in.

Now if you’re thinking about mounting them, we’ve covered it in full detail if you want to read more about it.

After plugging the camera in, download the mobile app, connect it to the home WiFi, and set-up the new device. This process literally takes minutes.

Does the WYZE System Require a Subscription?

WYZE does not require a subscription to access mobile app services. The only thing required to run this system is a wireless connection. However, there is an option to buy additional cameras and place them within the home, to gain more record time.

Currently, WYZE can only store 12-second clips for 14 days. If a user is looking to store longer clips, a fee will need to be paid. The cameras will then be able to record longer clips when motion is detected but will then have to filter through a cool-down period. The cool-down period allows for the camera to not overheat and default or burn out.

Furthermore, the system can handle everything that a user would need without the need to pay a monthly fee. Only a wireless connection is required to keep the system up and running. Being as this is one of the most affordable home monitoring systems, it is definitely a win.