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Does the ULTRALOQ Smart Lock work with SmartThings?

Last Updated May 30, 2022
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Before upgrading to a SmartThings home, you may need to first check if your other devices are compatible. Or even better, before you buy new smart devices that may not even be compatible. This could leave you wondering whether or not an ULTRALOQ Smart Lock will work with SmartThings.

The ULTRALOQ Smart Lock is compatible with SmartThings. ULTRALOQ is partnered with SmartThings to allow your ULTRALOQ a smoother integration into your home.

So don’t worry, your ULTRALOQ Smart Lock is safe with your SmartThings. Read on to see what features work and don’t work together.

Does the ULTRALOQ Work With Smartthings?

The $2 million crowdfunded ULTRALOQ tech has been around for a few years now. It’s compatible with different smart home platforms, including SmartThings.  So the ULTRALOQ smart lock definitely works with SmartThings. In fact, they work beautifully together. 

Does the Door Sensor Work?

You may need a door sensor. With the ULTRALOQ smart lock, you may find that the door sensor is not up to standard or your liking. You can disable the auto-lock feature on your smart lock, or have it on a timer. So, installing a smart door sensor may help. 

Does the UBolt Pro Operate With Smartthings?

All ULTRALOQ smart locks are compatible with SmartThings. This also includes the Ubolt Pro. ULTRALOQ is partnered with SmartThings and works to provide cohesive products across its spectrum of devices.

Now that we know what is compatible with SmartThings, let’s go ahead and check out how we can connect your ULTRALOQ smart locks to the network. 

How to Connect my ULTRALOQ Smart Lock to Smartthings

You will need to connect your ULTRALOQ Smart Lock to SmartThings in order to utilize the total features of SmartThings. 

To set up your ULTRALOQ smart lock with SmartThings, do the following:

  1. After registering with both, open your SmartThings app and add the U-tec device.
  2. Log in to your U-Tec account from SmartThings.

It is really that simple! Now, you can lock and unlock your ULTRALOQ Smart Lock by touching the circle on the devices menu.

Do I Need a Samsung Phone?

You know you need a smartphone in order to download the U-Tec app and the SmartThings app. But do you need a Samsung phone in particular?

You do not need a Samsung phone to use either SmartThings or the ULTRALOQ smart lock. SmartThings and the ULTRALOQ smart lock can be accessed on IOS or Android devices; meaning, Apple and Samsung phones can download the needed software to connect to your tech.

What about a WiFi signal? Does your ULTRALOQ and SmartThings need a WiFi connection to connect? 

Does Smartthings or ULTRALOQ Need WiFi to Connect?

The SmartThings Home can be integrated into a SmartThings Hub. SmartThings WiFi is a great mesh WiFi tool.  The company offers a SmartThings Wifi Smart Plug, which makes that hub null. There have been issues with the Smart Plug.  You are better safe than sorry. Going with a SmartThings Hub is the best option. 

As for the ULTRALOQ smart lock, it does not require WiFi to work. Connecting your smart lock to WiFi, Bluetooth, or a smart home hub will keep your smart lock on the grid. Some of you are wondering if the ULTRALOQ requires a bridge to connect to Smartthings. We cover that in the next section.

Do I need the ULTRALOQ Bridge to Connect to Smartthings?

To get the most out of your ULTRALOQ, you should have the Bridge adapter.  The ULTRALOQ Bridge coincides with SmartThings; meaning, you must have a Bridge to seamlessly connect any ULTRALOQ smart lock to SmartThings.  With that being said, you only need the U-Tec app to connect to your ULTRALOQ smart lock. 

Each smart lock comes with bluetooth and can connect to your smartphone. Now, you may be wondering what else your ULTRALOQ can connect with besides SmartThings. Take a look at the next section to find out more.

What Other Devices Can I Connect to ULTRALOQ?

So what other devices can your ULTRALOQ connect too? Here is a quick list of some other compatible programs/devices for the ULTRALOQ:

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google
  • SmartThings
  • Smartphone

You will always need a smartphone and a bridge to connect your ULTRALOQ with smart home system.

Why Should I Connect Them?

You may be asking why you’d connect your ULTRALOQ with a smart home when you already have it connected to your phone. The reason being is you have voice activation and a more seamless experience when you connect your ULTRALOQ device to a smart home or smartphone. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the ULTRALOQ and SmartThings devices coexist wonderfully. So wonderfully, in fact, that they are both fully integrated together. You will need a bridge, a hub, and a solid internet connection to get the two to pair seamlessly with each other.

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