Does the ULTRALOQ Smart Lock Work with Ring?

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If you are looking for a fully automatic smart home with limitless safety features, you probably have security devices like alarms, smart locks, and cameras. Ring is a popular brand for alarms and indoor and outdoor cameras as well as doorbells. If you have one of the ULTRALOQ Smart Locks, you might be wondering if you can pair it with your Ring devices. 

According to Ring’s website, ULTRALOQ is not on the list of compatible smart locks. U-Tec says their locks are compatible with Ring, though, because the new ULTRALOQ U-Bolt has Z-wave technology, unlike the older locks. 

You might be confused since the two companies seem to be giving conflicting information. Don’t worry, we will go over the details in this article. We also discuss what Z-wave technology is and how to set up your smart lock with your Ring devices. 

Can I Use ULTRALOQ U-Bolt with My Ring Devices? 

If you have already purchased this smart lock, you may be wondering if it will be compatible with your other smart devices such as the Ring doorbell or other Ring products.

Although it’s not officially on the list of compatible locks from the Ring website, it’s possible to use the new ULTRALOQ bolts because they have Z-wave technology. According to Ring’s website, z-wave locks are supported by Ring Alarm technology. 

The ULTRALOQ U-Bolt has only been around for a few months since the writing of this article, so the best explanation might be that Ring has just not updated its website. U-tech also has instructions on how to connect the U-Bolt lock to your Ring devices. 

Keep in mind that some of the older ULTRALOQ locks that do not have Z-wave technology do not work with Ring Alarm or Ring Doorbells.

How Can I Connect the U-Bolt Lock to Ring? 

Connecting the two devices is easy now that they have Z-wave technology. These instructions work for the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Z-Wave and the U-Bolt Pro Z-Wave Pro. You will need to make accounts on the U-tec app and the Ring app before being able to set the devices up and connect them. 

Then, you can start following these steps below:

  1. Open the U-tec app. 
  2. Click Settings. 
  3. Choose Z Wave Control. 
  4. Tap Add Z-Wave hub. 
  5. Choose Start the Inclusion. 
  6. The app should show a message that says Connecting to Z Wave Hub. Do not close the app while this message is showing. 
  7. Once the message has disappeared, open the Ring app. 
  8. Tap the upper left corner. 
  9. Choose Z-Wave locks. 
  10. Choose Z-Wave. 
  11. Select Add Manually. 
  12. Tap Add. 
  13. It will ask you for a code. Choose Enter Code. You can find your unique code on the back of the battery cover of the ULTRALOQ. 
  14. Once you have entered the code, choose Done. 
  15. Open the U-tec app. 
  16. Where it says Z Wave Control, the status should say Paired. 
  17. If it says Paired, you should be able to go into the Ring app and check the status of the lock and unlock and it locks it from the app. 

If you need more help or want to see pictures of the exact process, you can check out the support page on the ULTRALOQ website. 

What is Z-Wave Technology? 

We have mentioned Z-wave technology a few times in this article. It might be your first time hearing about it. Maybe you have heard about it but are not sure what it is or why it’s important. 

Z-waves are simply the way that wireless devices can communicate with one another. Z-waves also allow them to exchange control commands and send data back and forth to one another. 

This is why Z-waves are so important for smart locks when they are being integrated with Ring devices. The two devices are wireless and they need a way to be able to connect to one another and send messages and signals. 

Z-waves also eliminate the need for constant connection to WIFI or Bluetooth which allows the devices to work together more efficiently. 

What Smart Locks are Best for Ring Devices? 

Any Smart Lock with Z-waves can be used, so you need to make sure the lock you are buying has this technology. Knowing which lock will work best depends on what brand and device you prefer. 

ULTRALOQ U-Bolt works perfectly with Ring devices despite it not being listed on the Ring Website. If you want to go with a brand highlighted by Ring, you might want to check out the following:

  • Schlage
  • Kwikset
  • Yale 

These three brands have a number of locks that have been tested by Ring and have been shown to work really well. 

Final Thoughts 

The ULTRALOQ U-Bolt and U-Bolt Pro have Z-wave technology. They are compatible with Ring devices. All you have to do is connect the two in the U-tec app and the Ring app. Once connected, you should be able to control the lock through the Ring app. 

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