Does the ULTRALOQ Smart Lock U-Bolt Pro Need the Bridge?

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If you are in the market for a new smart lock, the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro should be on your radar. The U-Pro will help you keep your house secure. With a 6-in-1 keyless entry, you will have plenty of options for door security.

As a general rule, you do not need the bridge for the ULTRALOQ Smart Lock U-Bolt Pro to function for unlocking your door. The main feature you would miss without the bridge is the ability to have remote access to your door lock from anywhere.

There are many other things that you can do with the ULTRALOQ Smart Lock U-Bolt Pro some of which require the bridge and some do not. Read on to see some features that will make your life a little easier.

What Are Some Ways That You Can Unlock the Smart Lock U-Bolt Pro?

The U-Bolt pro has several options available for consumers to use for securing and unlocking their doors. Here are some of those ways that are available.

  • Fingerprint: After setting up your fingerprint in the U-Bolt Pro, the 360-degree live fingerprint ID. Your finger unlocks the bolt in 0.3 seconds and it boasts a 99.8% accuracy.
  • Mechanical Key: Just in case you need an alternative way to open the door, there is a mechanical key option. The lock uses a standard Schlage C keyway deadbolt cylinder. This, in addition to the option of having micro USB for backup power, ensure that you will always be able to unlock the door.
  • Auto-lock and unlock: Using your smartphone as identification, the U-Bolt Pro can automatically lock the door when you leave and unlock the door when you get back home.
  • Control the Lock via Bluetooth: With the available app for your smartphone, you can lock and unlock the door via Bluetooth. The app will also let you know who entered the house and when and allow you to grant remote access to anyone who needs access to the house.

As you can see, there are several different ways to be able to unlock your door using the U-Bolt Pro. Make sure that the unlocking options available on the smart lock are the ones that you are searching for.

Alternatives to Ultraloq

The Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro is a really well-reviewed smart lock and is a best buy pick by many. That being said, there are some other smart locks you might consider if the U-Bolt Pro is missing some features you need or if the price is a little too steep for your budget.

One smart lock worth considering is the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. This lock has many of the features you might be looking for and comes in at about 33% less cost than the U-Bolt Pro. The August works with Amazon’s Alexa personal assistant as well as Apple HomeKit, Google’s Assistant, and some other third-party devices and platforms. It is a small lock with embedded Wi-Fi and is easy for the average consumer to install.

If you are looking for something even more affordable, especially one that is near silent, the Bosma Aegis might be your best bet. The Aegis does require a hub for operation, but it is included in the package. Being so affordable comes with some missing features, though. There is no built-in Wi-Fi on the Aegis and, if you are an avid Apple user with a HomeKit, you are out of luck. Voice commands with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are supported and the Aegis can be programmed to work with other devices that use those tools.

One final alternative to consider is the Kwikset Halo Touch Fingerprint Smart Lock. Kwikset is a brand that has been around for years and people trust it. The Halo Touch is a little more affordable than the U-Bolt Pro, but not by much. If you are an Apple HomeKit user, though, you are out of luck with the Halo Touch. You do get many of the fantastic features of the U-Bolt Pro like a fingerprint scanner and built-in Wi-Fi. You also get great support for tools like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant but third-party integration is limited.


The Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro is a great smart lock that is well-reviewed and has won numerous awards from online reviewers. It will give you the security you want in a stylish look. The bridge that is included with the U-Bolt Pro is not a necessity for the lock to operate, but it does incorporate some of the cool features that have probably influenced your decision to purchase the smart lock. There are some alternatives that you can consider, but if you want a smart lock that is going to do everything you need and more, the U-Bolt Pro is hard to beat.

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