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Does The Ring Stick Up Cam Have Night Vision? (Work in the Dark?)

Last Updated Jul 14, 2022
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It’s easy to underestimate the value of a camera with a night cam until it happens to you. An unwelcome visitor broke into your car, and now you have no way of knowing who it was. In the sections below, you’ll learn more about how the Ring Stick Up Camera can give homeowners some peace of mind, and a much-needed full night’s sleep.

The Ring Stick Up Cam has night vision. Ring manufactures several security cameras and video doorbells that have night vision. Some of these have 1020p color night vision, while others max out at 720p. Premium versions even have 3D Motion detection.

Continue below to learn which versions of the Stick Up cam have color night vision and how to activate this feature in your device. Having trouble getting the video to show? You are encouraged to visit the troubleshooting section later in this article.

How Does Night Vision Work on the Ring Stick Up Cam?

Please be advised that the Wired Stick Up Cam and Elite Stick Up Cam are the best options for color vision due to the constant power supply. The color night vision feature takes up a lot of battery juice.

Here’s how color night vision works:

  • In non-battery-powered devices, the default Live View is always in black and white, but you can toggle color vision in the Ring app.
  • You can turn the night vision feature on or off at your leisure by visiting the settings section on the Ring app.
  • The entire image is not colorized. Only parts of the image sufficiently illuminated by ambient light are colorized.

How accurate is the colorized image? You may notice that the color night vision does not show a 100% real-life image. This is because the images are only a best-guess approximation based on the amount of light reflecting off the object.

Why Is Night Vision Not Working On My Stick Up Cam?

Maybe you’ve tried using night vision on your Ring Stick Up Cam, only to find out that it doesn’t work. There are several potential reasons why the night vision isn’t working. Troubleshooting is discussed in the section below.

Running Out of Battery

The colorized night vision takes up a lot of battery power. Hence the reason why the default setting is black and white vision. If you’re in the market for a new Ring camera, you might consider the Wired Stick Up Camera.

This has the benefit of having a more reliable power source versus the battery-powered model.

Video Completely Black-Adjust The Router

You need upload speeds of at least 500 Kbps for 720p cameras and 1 Mbps for 1080p cameras to see to run recordings. Poor Wi-Fi signals can also render live video capture useless.

If the screen is completely black, it might be because of the router. Ring has a detailed technical section on how to troubleshoot router issues. You may need to upgrade or move your router.

Video Whitewashed-Angle of Camera

If the video from the Stick Up camera shows whitewashed faces, you may need to adjust the camera’s angle. You can change this setting by purchasing a wedge kit or corner kit specific to your Ring device.

Thanks to the mounting screws and anchors included in the packaging, the kits are relatively easy to set up. Also, don’t worry about them being obtrusive. The brackets are paintable to match the exterior of your home.

Which Ring Devices Have Night Vision?

It’s not just the Ring Stick Up Cam that has night vision. Many other Ring devices work in the dark, which you may find preferable for your specific circumstances.

Stick Up CamPlug-In, Solar, BatteryThe plug-in version is the most reliable for color night vision.
Floodlight CamPlus Plug-In, Pro Plug-In, Wired Pro, Wired PlusAll versions have 1080p night vision; Pro versions have 3D motion detection.
Video DoorbellPro, ElitePro has 720p night vision; Elite has 1080p night vision and is hardwired with power over Ethernet.
Spotlight CamWired, MountAn HD security camera in both versions; the Wired plugs into standard outlets and has a constant power source.

If your current device does not have night vision, you can save on an upgrade with a trade-in. On Amazon, trade-ins can net you a discount of up to 20%. Simply click where it says “Save 20% with a trade-in” under the pricing info.

Final Thoughts

The solar, battery-powered, and plug-in versions of the Ring Stick Up cam all come with the color night vision feature. If you already own this camera, make sure that you have color vision enabled in the settings. Plug-in devices are the best at this since they have a constant power source.

Ring manufactures many other devices that have this feature, including security cameras and video doorbells.