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Does the Ring Spotlight Cam Work with Google Home?

Last Updated Aug 21, 2021
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The ability to control your devices by your voice is an added layer of convenience that can help you quickly access information about what is going on in and around your home. With the Ring Spotlight Cam being owned by Amazon, you may be wondering whether you will be able to connect your device to Google Home?

The Ring Spotlight Cam can be connected to Google Home, but it will not exactly work with it; for one, you will not have access to all the device’s functions. Using the Ring app or an integration program such as IFTTT will help with connectivity, but there will be limitations due to incompatibility.

With Google and Amazon being direct competitors, it can be expected that there will be limited compatibility for these devices to communicate with complete integration. While the Ring Spotlight Cam can be connected to Google Home, you will not experience all the functionality you would have on an all Amazon-connected home system. Keep reading to find out how you can and cannot make this work for your home security profile.

Can You Connect Ring Spotlight Cam to Google Home?

You can connect the Ring Spotlight Cam to Google Home; however, users end up losing out on some key features:

  • The limited abilities between the Ring Spotlight Cam and Google Home restrict the number of functions you will utilize.
  • To view any video from the camera, you will need to open the Ring app to access all recordings and live view.
  • There is no compatibility between the Ring Spotlight Cam and Chromecast, a desired feature that owners with Google Home compatible devices rate highly.
  • Using Google voice, you can ask about the last recorded event and what type. Also, you can inquire about battery health if applicable.
  • You can ask Google to begin a recording, but it is important to note that you will only see the result in the Ring app.

While it can be frustrating to find out that the Ring Spotlight Camera does not have full functionality with Google Home, there are a few options that provide you with quality security and have full functionality with your device.

Smart Cameras That Work with Google Home

If you are still in the process of researching camera and lighting options for your outside security, there are other choices that you can consider that work fully with your Google Home setup. While there are currently no viable options for spotlight and camera combinations that work with Google Home, several devices offer powerful night vision.

 Google Nest CamWyze Cam v3Toucan Wireless
Works with Google HomeXXX
Lighting SourceNight VisionColor Night VisionNight Vision
Also Works with AlexaXXX

How to Connect Ring Spotlight Cam with Google Home through IFTTT

The separate company, IFTTT, which stands for “if this then that,” is a software option you can utilize to connect systems that otherwise would not work together using standard protocols. For example, you can make a connection that creates a command to turn on the porch light whenever there is any activity through a video doorbell.

In this case, you can connect Google and Ring through IFTTT to regain features you would otherwise lose through their standard connection:

  1. Visit the site at
  2. Create an account if you do not already have one, or log in.
  3. Using the search feature, type in Google Assistant.
  4. Next, tap on Connect.
  5. Select the Google account you wish to give access to. Make sure that you choose the account that has the Google Home device desired.
  6. Visit this page to create an applet (what IFTTT calls the script that makes the connection for you) and finalize the Ring connection to Google Home.

While you will still not have full compatibility, this workaround will give you a better connection between the two devices. The alternative would be to continue your research and locate a device with full functionality with Google Home.


While there are certain incompatible aspects between the Ring Spotlight Cam and Google Home, if you are sure that you wish to make these two devices a part of your home security profile, incorporating a workaround through IFTTT is a possible option. Otherwise, you can take the time to locate another camera that will allow you to view your video through Google Home, removing the need for these steps.

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