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Does The Ring Pro 2 Come With A Transformer?

Last Updated Jul 28, 2022
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Installing the Ring Pro 2 is slightly more tedious than Ring’s previous battery-operated video doorbells and the Pro 2 needs to be connected to your internal home wiring system. Luckily, Ring has made it as easy as possible, and most customers can connect it themselves. If you are considering a Ring Pro 2 for your home, you’re probably wondering: Does the Ring Pro 2 come with a transformer?

The Ring Pro 2 does not come with a transformer. In order to install the video doorbell, you will need to either have a transformer pre-installed, purchase a new one and install it before connecting the Ring Pro 2, or you can opt for a Ring Plug-In Adapter. 

This may sound a little overwhelming if you are not an electrician, but don’t worry, in this article we are going to break down exactly what a transformer is, why may you need it for your Ring Pro 2 video doorbell, and the other options you can choose if you don’t have or want to install a transformer. 

What is a Doorbell Transformer?

Before we dig into the specifics of using a transformer for your Ring Pro 2 video doorbell, we should start at the beginning: What even is a doorbell transformer?

A transformer for a doorbell is a small metal box that diminishes the standard voltage of your electricity to offer the optimal voltages for the doorbell. Typically, the voltage is between 110 and 120 volts, but the transformer will lower it to between 10 and 24 volts so it does not overwhelm your doorbell. 

If you already have a doorbell, it is extremely likely that there is already a transformer installed inside the wall of your home. 

Do You Need a Transformer for a Ring Pro 2?

Now that you know what a transformer is, it’s time to find out if it is a requirement for using a Ring Pro 2. 

In order to successfully install a Ring Pro 2 video doorbell, you either need a Ring Plug-In Adapter or a transformer. It’s important to note that the transformer needs to be a 16-24 VAC, 40VA max, or 50/60Hz type, not a halogen or garden-lighting transformer. 

Once again, understanding what kind of transformer or set up your pre-existing doorbell uses can be tricky. If you do not feel confident adjusting your home’s wiring, or you don’t even know how to find the internal system, you may want to call an electrician. 

If you do not already have a doorbell, or know that there is not already a transformer connected, you will certainly want to know if the Ring Pro 2 comes with a transformer when purchased. 

Does the Ring Pro 2 Come with a Transformer?

The Ring Pro 2 does not actually come with a transformer.

If the door where you want to install your Ring Pro 2 video doorbell does not have a transformer built in, you are going to have to either purchase one separately and install it, or opt for one of the other installation options. 

Purchasing a doorbell transformer is fairly easy as they are sold at most home improvement stores. Unfortunately, installing a transformer is typically a job for a professional. 

If this seems like a lot of work and you want to skip the transformer installation process, Ring provides an easier option!

No Transformer? No Problem.

If you want the easiest possible installation for your Ring Pro 2 video doorbell, you can opt for the wired doorbell power adaptor sold by Ring. 

With this device, you can plug your Ring Pro 2 into a standard indoor outlet for 24/7 power and protection, even if your home isn’t wired to an existing doorbell. 

The Power Adapter installs in minutes and keeps your video doorbell powered with no wiring. 

It’s important to note that the device itself is pretty pricey, and it may cost more than actually hiring an electrician to come in and wiring the Ring Pro 2 directly into your home wiring system, even with buying a new transformer. 

Really, it’s up to you how you want to install the Ring Pro 2, but just remember, it either needs a transformer or a power adaptor to work properly and safely. 

Final Thoughts 

So, does the Ring Pro 2 come with a transformer? No, it does not. 

If you already have a doorbell where you want to install the Ring Pro 2, you most likely already have a built-in transformer that you can simply detach from your old doorbell and reattach to the Ring Pro 2. 

However, if you don’t have a pre-installed doorbell in the same spot you want the Ring Pro 2 to go, you will either need to purchase a transformer and have an electrician install it, or opt for the Ring Power Adaptor which you can install yourself!

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